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5 Unique Features that Set Your Home Apart!

2018 décor and renovation trends are all about uniqueness. And, even though our professionals here at Priority Doors & Windows are in the—shocker—door and window industry, we do know a thing or two about home trends and décor. After all, these things are closely tied to what we do; how could we not keep up […]

The View You Always Wanted

If you live here in Coronado, CA, you know the views are breathtaking. People travel here to “get away from it all.” But, we live here! It’s amazing! Though, how disappointing is it to live here without being able to take it all in? If you don’t have folding glass doors in your home, you […]

4 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out!

It would be wise for those looking to sell their home as quickly as possible to make a great impression with potential homeowners—especially those who come to an open house to take an official walk-through. That said, there are a number of ways you can make your home stand out from the others and we—the […]

Out 2018 Home Renovation with Priority Products!

I have been counting down the weeks and days to 2018, and it’s finally here. My husband and I agreed early last year that we would budget, save, and plan a home renovation with products from Priority Doors & Windows for our little house here in Coronado, CA. Admittedly, I have behaved like a schoolgirl who […]

Unique Features for Your Coronado Home

If you are the type to seek interesting, unique features for your home as you transform it over the years, Priority Doors & Windows needs to be your next stop. You see, our team takes special pride in providing the finishing touches your Coronado, CA, home! Windows, doors, new space for new windows and doors… […]

Folding Glass Doors with Priority

Priority Doors & Windows has served the Coronado, CA, area for over 35 years. Our neighboring homeowners and construction companies mean a lot to us, to say the least. This is our home and we want the best for the residents here and the surrounding areas. That said, we are very excited to offer you […]