Folding Glass Doors with Priority

Priority Doors & Windows has served the Coronado, CA, area for over 35 years. Our neighboring homeowners and construction companies mean a lot to us, to say the least. This is our home and we want the best for the residents here and the surrounding areas. That said, we are very excited to offer you folding glass doors for your home or business!

There are countless benefits to be reaped with folding glass doors through Priority; here are a handful  that you’ll love!

  1. Uninterrupted views
    This is everyone’s favorite perk. We are, after all, in California! We all reside or work in a gorgeous area—we want to see our views! With no vertical frames to get in the way, you can take in all the outdoors has to offer your home or office aesthetically. Your sight line will be clear 24/7 so you can watch the storms roll in, keep an eye on your children at play or take in the view over morning coffee.
  2. Safe exterior/wall
    These days, safety is #1 for all home and business owners. When you install Priority folding glass doors you can rest assured you are safe inside! Whether you live on a golf course or want your folding glass doors to face the ocean—don’t worry about golf balls and seagulls; you are protected behind our high-quality products. Further, our interlocking system and high-quality locks will keep you and your family or employees protected from intruders.
  3. Added value
    Nothing adds value to a home like adding a wall of natural light with our folding glass doors. Whether you have an open floor plan or not, your space will appear to have one with this addition (and, if you’re paying any attention to HGTV you know open floorplans are hot!). But, added value is more than just a ramped-up wow factor (which these doors definitely add), it’s also about optimizing your space and minimizing maintenance (think how easy it is to clean a flat surface!).
  4. Optimized ventilation
    Everyone knows fresh air is good for the body and soul. And, inherent to the folding glass doors—fresh air! You see, each panel slides/folds individually so you have control over how much—or how little—fresh air you desire.

Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we appreciate the amount of personal research it takes to find the right doors and windows for your home or office. Our team would love to help you with this process! Our showroom is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Give us a call. Let’s set an appointment to get your questions answered and look at the many products we have to offer you. With manufacturers such as Trustile, Marvin, Emtek, Velux, Anderson, Milgard and many more that are rooted in decades of partnership—we are confident you will be thrilled with your home very soon.

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