Bifold Patio Doors

Change the Look, Feel and Functionality of Your Mission Hills Home with Bi-Fold Patio Doors

Are you a Mission Hills homeowner looking for a one-step way to bring a whole new lifestyle to your home? If so, consider bi-fold patio doors for your next home improvement project. Bi-fold patio doors are a wise investment as they are one single project that will bring a new style, beauty and functionality to your home.

What makes bi-fold patio doors the answer?

First, what exactly is a bi-fold patio door? Bi-fold patio doors, sometimes referred to as folding patio doors, accordion patio doors or multi-slide patio doors, are fundamentally patio doors that open by folding over on two or more panels which slide along a one track. In operation, they are similar to bi-fold closet doors.

Installing these graceful floor-to-ceiling folding glass patio doors enhance the living space and functionality of your home. Their unique design draws the inside and outside together providing the feel of open space and creating a flow and connection between your indoor and outdoor living spaces. What a better way to bring the beautiful landscapes of Mission Hills right into your home. They also encourage and enhance your outdoor living lifestyle.

Accordion folding patio doors are structurally different than conventional sliding patio doors. The weight displacement on bi-fold patio doors is overhead versus on the bottom track.  Because of Mission Hills’ coastal location, corrosion of metal parts due to salty air and moisture is a common concern. Corrosion, dirt, sand and other elements can accumulate in the track of standard sliding patio doors which directly affects longevity and function over time. The unique engineering of the multi-slide patio doors helps improve these issues leading to years of high performance and functionality.

Who can you trust as foremost experts in bi-fold patio doors?

Priority Doors & Windows has been in business since 1981. Our experienced staff specializes in doors, windows, millwork, door hardware and so much more. Construction professionals to homeowners have trusted our expert design and sales staff. This expertise, quality service and fair pricing are why our customers have returned to us for their construction and home improvement projects again and again for over 30 years!

Priority Doors & Windows offers premium bi-fold patio doors.

One of our specialties at Priority Doors & Windows is our premium lines of multi-slide patio doors. We sell the two finest brands in the industry. Both our manufacturers are based here, in California. They offer unparalleled design and unmatched quality. We are a Platinum Level dealer for Fleetwood Window and Doors. They have been manufacturing modern style windows and doors for luxury homes since 1961. We are a Top Performing dealer for La Cantina Doors who are pioneers in designing and manufacturing innovative, unsurpassed folding patio doors for 54 years. With these two top manufacturers on our team, we offer our customers the finest selection of accordion patio doors on the market today. We are sure to offer the perfect bi-fold door to add quality and prestige to your home.

Adding bi-fold patio doors is a seamless and short term renovation project that will completely change the look and feel of your home. Our team at Priority Doors & Windows can offer you an attractive array of bi-fold patio door options at several different price points. We can help you find the perfect fit for your project needs.

Choosing Between Bi-fold and Sliding Patio Doors

Patio doors are an important part of any home. They allow houses to become more connected with the outside. This is why there are different types of patio doors on the market, all with their own pros and cons depending on your needs. The most common options include sliding doors, hinged (or swinging) doors, and bi-fold (fold back) doors. All three can either be installed flush within the wall or inset into the wall depending on the framing around them. Bi-fold doors open like a traditional door found in many homes by folding back or pivoting on hinges placed near each end of the long side of the door. There are also sliding versions of these doors that slide past each other within separate tracks. Hinged doors swing open like a traditional door found in many homes and can be either single or double doors.

Bi-fold vs Sliding Patio Doors

Doors that function as exterior room entrances, such as the bi-fold and sliding varieties, serve a very practical purpose keeping the elements of nature outside where they belong. But which one is right for you? This depends largely on what you plan to use your door for and your personal preference.

Many homeowners find that bi-fold work better because they open up entire walls, allowing for greater flexibility in furniture placement and room design overall. However, if you wish to be able to access one side of the door without opening both sides at once, sliding glass doors may be a much better option. They also offer superior insulation compared to bi-fold due to their ability to completely seal off the house from the outside air.

Sliding glass doors are more expensive than bi-fold, but this is because many other costs are associated with them. They require special rails and tracks to run on; they also need to be sealed properly or else water can easily seep through tiny seams in the track. Like any other door, sliding ones require regular maintenance like cleaning and lubricating of their moving parts. This should be done at least once every few months if you want them to work well for you.

Bi-fold doors require just as regular an amount of upkeep as any other type of door, including proper weatherproofing and tightening of hinges and handles, but the sliding patio doors may just take a bit more work.

Sliding doors are much easier to move than bi-fold doors, typically requiring just one smooth movement of the door to open it up to its full size. The door opens straight outwards and does not need any opening or closing rules; you can simply pull it across the track until it is in the position you want. Sliding doors come with a number of different opening options like a double-sided, corner, diagonally bi-folding, and wide operators. They also require little clearance space at the top and bottom as they fit neatly into a standard-sized frame.

Bi-fold on the other hand consists of two panels that fold next to each other vertically creating a more compact look for your home’s exterior appearance. The doors fold into a small space and only one leaves the track at a time.

Generally, sliding patio doors are considered more suitable for large openings as they require less clearance space than bi-fold. They also provide better ventilation options and can be fitted with accessories such as screens and blinds which cannot be done on bi-fold doors. On the other hand, bi-fold might be a better choice if you want to keep your home’s exterior appearance looking compact as they do not take up as much space as sliding doors. Sliding door manufacturers claim their products offer higher security measures compared to those of folding-type patio doors, but the truth is that either of the two types provides complete personal privacy along with protection against unauthorized entry through your patio.

So why purchase with Priority Window and Door Products?

Priority Doors & Windows offers the highest premium brands for our customers. Our manufactures use state of the art technology and engineering to make their bi-fold patio doors energy efficient. This means reduced air leakage for better temperature control.  These multi-slide patio doors are made of sustainable material. Aluminum is strong yet lightweight and is naturally plentiful and recyclable leaving a small ecological footprint. The clean design of our bi-fold patio doors allows for maximum light. This is a good passive heat source and minimized use of electricity in the daytime hours.   Our manufacturers use high quality materials and state of the art engineering and design to bring you the markets highest standard in bi-fold patio doors.

By offering unlimited configurations, we can help you find the perfect refined door system to fit your specific needs. There are no limitations to the architectural possibilities.

All of these premium qualities are what you can expect to find at Priority Doors & Windows.

Call Priority Doors & Windows today! Or, you can visit us in the San Diego area. Our showroom at 8185 Camino Santa Fe San Diego, CA 92121. We are open Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. pst. Our expert staff will be available to assist you and answer your building and design questions. Let the professionals at Priority Doors & Windows help you add quality, value and beauty to your Mission Hills home.

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