Bifold Doors Bring Elegance & Functionality To Your La Jolla Home

Living in La Jolla provides you some of the best that life has to offer. When you are looking around your home trying to figure out some interior decor ideas or changes you can make that can create better living space for you and your family, one thing that you might not even think about is the exterior sliding glass door that you have leading to your outdoor living space.

The most common options that people look at when thinking about replacing an old sliding glass door or some other entry door that leads to an outdoor living space is simply replacing it with another sliding glass door or even possibly a French door. However, if you’ve never thought about bifold doors before, now is the perfect time to do so.

What are bifold doors?

If you’ve ever owned a home that had a basic closet in one of the bedrooms in which the doors opened by folding across themselves, sliding along a simple track, then you know what bifold doors are.

How can bifold doors improve the elegance and functionality for your La Jolla home?

While you may have the image of a basic closet door in mind, completely transform that image into one in which you have a gorgeous glass door or series of doors that lead to your living space outside. That’s essentially what a bifold door is.

The better products on the market are so simple to open that they require very little pressure so you could actually open them with a finger while carrying something outside. They are smooth, elegant, and they can add an incredible amount of aesthetic as well as assessed value to your home.

The unmatched beauty of bifold exterior doors.

If you have a patio, deck, or other type of outdoor living space that you want to take full advantage of, living in La Jolla usually means having at least some incredible views beyond your property. Even if you are nestled up against one of the sloping hills that lead down to the Pacific Ocean, you likely have gorgeous shrubbery, flowering plants, and other wonderful pieces of nature that surround your home.

Taking full advantage of these views will usually require a lot of glass along the exterior portion of your house. That’s one of the main reasons why sliding patio doors were so popular for a long time and it wasn’t until relatively recently when even better options became available. Some of these options include bi-fold patio doors.

When you have these large bifold patio doors leading out from your living room to an outdoor living space, it can create the illusion that there is no distinction between the interior portion of your house and the outdoor beauty that surrounds you. When they are closed you still get to take advantage of the amazing views, sunshine, and beauty that is all around you.

When they are open the fresh ocean breezes can filter into your home, helping you feel as though every day is a vacation for you.

Bifold patio doors offer better functionality.

If you have entertained guests in the past, you probably already know how challenging it can be to slide open a patio door on a track. If you have some type of French door or other entry door that leads out to that living space, you may have a tendency to keep it open, but something has been lacking.

New bifold patio doors are designed in such a way that they can easily be opened with the least amount of pressure. No matter what the weather is doing outside, if you have a desire to step outside, sit down and relax by your open fire pit in the evenings, enjoy the warmth of the spring sun, or plan on having guests over, these bifold doors can completely collapse like an accordion, opening up the space in your home for entertaining even more guests, taking full advantage of the great weather, and making you feel much more comfortable within your home.

These doors also offer greater longevity.

One of the major problems with standard entry doors, such as a sliding glass door, is that they are subject to friction. The average sliding glass patio door will move along the track and most of the pressure is placed on the bottom portion of the track. When dirt, sand, and corrosion begin to build up on that track it will make it much more difficult to open the door over time.

That means they won’t last nearly as long as you would hope. A new bifold patio door, because of the unique design in which the majority of the pressure on the track is located on the top portion of the door, it will resist all of those other common issues with standard patio doors. You will be able to enjoy this door working the way it was designed for many, many years.

It is a truly inspired design.

Once you have one of these bifold patio doors installed in your La Jolla home, you will feel as though you’ve moved into a completely different home. The expansive views, the ease of operation, and the great construction and materials used to build these doors will all have a direct impact on your home environment.

These bifold patio doors are an exceptional alternative to any other type of entry door that leads to your outdoor living space. If you have been trying to figure out exactly what would be best for your gorgeous home to improve your comfort and enjoyment there, consider bifold patio doors. You won’t find much better than these doors to improve your indoor and outdoor living experience.

If you’re interested in finding out just how bifold patio doors can improve the look and feel of your La Jolla home, stop in or contact Priority Doors & Windows right now.

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