The Transformative Beauty of Bi-fold Patio Doors for your Solana Beach Home

Located twenty minutes north of San Diego, Solana Beach has the perfect small town atmosphere. With a progressive business climate and innovative schools, Solana Beach offers so much to homeowners. Not only will you find a rich lifestyle in Solana Beach, but you will also enjoy beautiful vistas and landscapes along with a perfect, moderate climate. As a homeowner, wouldn’t it be brilliant to make this natural beauty an actual element in your home? You can, by installing bi-fold patio doors. Multi-slide patio doors are a single home improvement project that can completely transform your Solana Beach lifestyle.

What is a bi-fold patio door?

Bi-fold patio doors are large, floor-to-ceiling glass patio doors that open completely by folding over on two or more panels. You will also hear these doors referred to as multi-slide patio doors, accordion patio doors, or folding patio doors. The panels of bi-fold doors slide along a single, high quality aluminum track. They mimic, in operation, bi-fold closet doors. They differ from conventional sliding glass patio doors in that the weight distribution is concentrated on the top track versus across the bottom.

How can bi-fold patio doors change your home?

Elegant multi-slide patio doors can completely transform your home by bringing your indoor and outdoor living spaces together. The spectacular glass panels of these doors actually bring the outside in by making the lovely vistas of Solana Beach a part of your home. When opened, bi-fold patio doors expand your entire living space by creating a natural flow and continuity to your outdoor area. Accordion patio doors provide a luxurious way to enjoy the pleasant climates and natural beauty of Southern California living.

Adding bi-fold patio doors does not mean you are in for a major construction project. The installation process is short term and can be completed, by an experienced team, with basic work making it a transformative project that does not take months to complete. That makes it the perfect home enhancement choice.

Who are your local bi-fold door experts?

The professionals at Priority Doors & Windows have provided trusted service since 1981. Our certified staff has been assisting construction professionals and private homeowners for more than 33 years. As a locally-based business, we understand the climate, landscape and structural concerns California home owners often face. Our experts will provide exceptional service and high quality products at fair pricing.

What about the brands at Priority Doors & Windows?

We offer only the highest quality multi-slide patio door brands. Both of our premier manufacturers are based right here in California. They manufacturer the most exclusive lines of bi-fold doors on the market today. Priority Doors & Windows are a Platinum Level dealer for Fleetwood Window and Doors. They have been building modern style windows and doors for luxury home since 1961. We are a Top Performing dealer for La Cantina Doors. For 54 years, they have been designing and manufacturing innovative door products. With these two pioneering brands on our team, we can bring our customers the finest quality selection of accordion patio doors available. We will help you find the perfect bi-fold patio door for your home.

Why are our brands the best on the market?

The brands from Fleetwood Window and Doors and La Cantina Doors are the finest quality doors in their categories. Our doors are top of the line in craftsmanship and operation. They offer easy operation using innovative technology that brings you sleek style and optimum operation. They achieve this smooth performance by using only the best materials and construction designs. These tracks address concerns of Solana Beach homeowners by reducing condensation caused by salty air and moisture. The specialized track engineering alleviates the collection of sand, dirt and other debris. This guarantees longevity and durability.

With a variety of modern bi-fold patio door design options available, there are no limitations to the architectural possibilities. We offer standard, replacement designs as well as custom, made-to-order systems. We can accommodate your project at any size and style.

Our bi-fold patio doors are also earth friendly. They are made of only the aluminum which is sturdy yet a lightweight and sustainable material. Aluminum leaves a small environmental footprint because it is naturally plentiful and recyclable.

The advanced thermal glass technology, used in our brands, prevents air leakage. This saves energy by reducing cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. They also offer a wide selection of glazing options for their thermal glass for enhanced temperature control and security.

Premium qualities are what you can expect to find in the products at Priority Doors & Windows.

Call us at Priority Doors & Windows today! Or, you can visit us in the San Diego area. Our showroom is located at 8185 Camino Santa Fe San Diego, CA 92121. We are open Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. pst. Our professional staff will be available to assist you and answer your building and design questions. Let us help you transform your Solana Beach home with beautiful bi-fold patio doors.

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