Enjoy the Unique Style and Design of Folding Doors for Your Del Mar Home

When you purchased your Del Mar home, you probably had a number of things in mind with regard to interior decor, design options, and even home improvement projects. As time passed, you may have been able to take on some of these projects but you could still feel as though something is missing or not quite right.

There are so many things people can do to improve the comfort and feel of their home that can feel overwhelming at times. You may have repainted the walls, changed up the carpeting, placed a new area rug in the living room, bought new furniture, added new lighting, and other options yet you might not still be completely satisfied with the way things look and feel.

Many homeowners in Del Mar and the rest of Southern California enjoy numerous benefits that this region of the country has to offer. The most significant benefit is sunny weather almost all year round. A rain event in this part of the country is major headline news. It just doesn’t happen all that often, and if you are not taking advantage of your outdoor living space, if you’re not spending as much time as you might like out there, the problem may not be a lack of time but rather something more inconspicuous.

Look at the condition of your exterior door that leads to the outdoor living space of your property. Maybe you spent a significant amount of money improving your outdoor living space, having a gorgeous patio installed with a fire pit, gorgeous brick barbecue, and other features. You might only spend time out there when you’re entertaining guests, have family over, or on weekends once in a while.

The door that leads to that outdoor living space could be one of the main reasons why you’re not taking full advantage of it. Most homes either have a basic glass door that is opened inward or a sliding glass patio door. There are other options that can improve the quality of your home and inspire you to spend more time outside enjoying the incredible weather that this part of the country can boast about.

That would be folding patio doors.

If you’ve never heard about folding patio doors, they are a relatively recent innovation, but they are based on a concept that has been around for quite some time. If you have a closet door in one of your bedrooms that opens along the track and folds in on itself, that is the basic concept of a folding door.

Folding patio doors, though, are a bit different in that they don’t require a significant amount of space to use them properly. They also are made from mostly glass with a strong, durable frame and top quality hardware so you will know that your home is safe and protected while also taking full advantage of this incredible opportunity.

They can replace outdated sliding glass doors.

You can get folding patio doors to simply replace your old, outdated sliding glass patio doors or you can completely open up that wall of your house so that you will feel like your interior living space is much larger than it was before. Just imagine having your exterior wall transformed into a gorgeous glass view that extends out to your backyard or side property.

Now, when the weather is turning warm, sunny, and you feel like opening the windows and doors, you can simply open these folding patio doors with very little pressure and invite all of that wonderful ocean breeze into your home.

These folding patio doors offer improved functionality.

When you have folding patio doors installed in your house, you will immediately realize just how much easier they are to open than a traditional sliding glass door. The reason for this has to do in the design itself. Modern folding patio doors are designed so that the majority of weight is placed on the upper track, rather than the lower one. Traditional sliding glass patio doors rely on the lower track for the most part. The upper track is only a guide. Over time, dust, dirt, sand, moisture and corrosion can build up and make it far more difficult to open and close the door. If you had a tendency to have to stop, set down what you had in your hand, and pull on the sliding glass door with all your might just to open it, you probably didn’t spend as much time outside as you might have liked.

With a new style folding glass patio door, all you need to do is apply a little bit of pressure and the door will slide open with ease. You could probably even open these doors with one finger and that will inspire more outdoor living.

Take full advantage of the incredible outdoor living space your property has to offer.

No matter where you live in Del Mar, there is probably a gorgeous view that you aren’t taking full advantage of from inside your house. You may have to step outside to look around and fully appreciate what surrounds you. Sure, you might have a great view from an upstairs bedroom or office, but the rest of your family might not have that benefit.

Many people in this part of the country can enjoy spending time outside almost all year round, and when you have an exterior door that is easy to open, elegant looking, stylish, and functional, it is simply going to inspire you spend more time outside.

You’ll also have more interior decor options.

When you install glass bifold patio doors, you will suddenly be inspired to make changes to your interior living space as well. You’ll have far greater options because of the amount of sunlight and exterior views that will be pouring into your living room, dining room, or family room.

Bifold glass patio doors can completely transform almost any home in the greater Delmar area. If you want to take full advantage of this opportunity, contact Priority Doors & Windows today.

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