replacement windows in Chula Vista, CABifold patio door systems are a phenomenal way to blend your indoor living space with your outdoor surroundings and to maximize natural light in your home. They are highly sought-after in modern homes because of their ability to accomplish these dual purposes. But with so many options in today’s marketplace, how do you know which bifold patio doors in Oceanside, CA to buy?

At Priority Door & Window Products, it’s a question our customers often ask. Of course, the answer varies depending on your goals for the installation, and your home’s configuration and available space. But whether you’re renovating or building new, the important points to consider remain largely the same. Here are the things you should keep in mind as you prepare to choose a bifold patio door:


The material that your chosen bifold doors are made from will drastically affect the overall quality and performance of the door. Bifold doors are intended to function as both a door and a wall, so it’s important to get this right. The material needs to be strong and durable, providing a sealed barrier against weather and water. When closed, you’ll want a material that supports good sightlines of your views, with minimal frame obstructions. It should also have an appropriate finish that will add to the style of your home.

Keep in mind the quality and feel of the home as you make your selection. You’ll want to match your new bifold patio doors to the rest of the house. You should also consider the level of maintenance that the material will require. A hardwood timber frame may be more aesthetically appropriate in a fine home, but it will require more care than a composite, metal, or PVC frame.


We recommended you carefully consider the security of your new bifold patio door system. Locking cylinders are the greatest point of weakness in door security. Make sure the performance of all hardware and locks are thief resistant by installing only those products that meet forced entry testing standards.

Glass is also a point of opportunity for would-be intruders. Fortunately, glass is much higher quality than in years past, so it is difficult to break. Even so, ask your supplier about the security rating of the glass. For additional details and the latest in security recommendations, feel free to speak with one of our friendly product specialists.

Thermal Efficiency

Building codes dictate the minimum efficiency standards required for window and door products. Make sure your chosen bifold patio doors in Oceanside, CA meet these standards. For increased efficiency, you can look for doors that meet the rigorous benchmarks set by the U.S. federal government’s Energy Star program. The more efficient your bifold door, the more you can potentially save on your energy bill. It’s also a good idea to make sure your new door is built to efficiency standards of water tightness, air-permeability, and wind load resistance. These additional efficiency measures are crucial to the performance of the door system.

Weathered Threshold

When the weather and water inevitably beat upon your new bifold patio door system, the weathered threshold is a crucial part of keeping your home free of water leaks. It does this using an installed floor track with a small upright lip and watertight seal. A non-weathered threshold can also be installed, if preferred. This alternative provides a flat transitional surface between your indoor and outdoor space, making it less of a trip hazard. But, when the rain and storms come, there is no way to ensure water won’t puddle and enter under the door system.

Configuration Options

Most homeowners want their individual door panels to be large in size. This provides more glass, natural light, and less unobstructed views. You’ll likely want a door system that can be adjusted to meet different configurations, depending on your desired use in any particular moment. It’s also important that the bifold system has a single panel in the system that works as a master door for everyday use. If kids are around the door system, consider installing finger safety gaskets.


Your new bifold patio door system is not an inexpensive investment in your home. To protect that investment, don’t buy anything before getting detailed information about the product warranty that comes with your purchase. If the installation is separately handled, you’ll want to make sure to get information about the warranty coverage of this as well. We suggest you read through these details and understand them before any purchase.

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