Improve Indoor and Outdoor Living Space for Your San Clemente Home By Installing Multi Slide Patio Doors

You may have been trying to figure out what you can do to improve the interior as well as exterior living spaces in your San Clemente home. You have a number of options to choose from, but some of them can be overwhelming, such as completely changing the exterior layout and design of your patio, adding new furniture, and maybe even renovating the kitchen or bathrooms.

Renovating a kitchen or bathroom is more for functionality than expanding your interior living space. Doing work on your bedrooms only benefits one or two people.

Because you live right near the ocean in one of the best climates in the entire world, you want to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather that we experience all year round. Maybe you invested a significant amount of money in building a gorgeous patio, adding comfortable outdoor furniture, but you still don’t feel as though the indoor and outdoor living spaces actually work in concert together to provide you the feeling you might expect.

One of the reasons for this is probably related to the door that connects your interior portion of the house to the outside.

Entry doors are commonly overlooked.

Believe it or not, many people don’t pay much attention to their entry doors. You may have an ornate front door and a basic functional side door or one that connects to the attached garage. But what about that back door that leads to your outdoor living space? Maybe it is a basic French door, a simple glass door that opens inward, or the most common type, which is a sliding glass patio door.

Those types of doors might not inspire the kind of comfort in design you have in mind. If that’s the case, consider a bi-fold or multi-slide patio door instead.

Multi slide patio doors provide improved views and access to outdoor living spaces.

If you’ve never seen a bi-fold or multi-slide glass patio door, just imagine a series of large glass doors that can extend from the floor to the ceiling. They slide along a track and open a large portion of your exterior wall to the outside. Imagine how that would look from the inside of your home. There are numerous hotels in Southern California that take full advantage of the incredible views by using these bi-fold and multi-slide patio doors, especially leading out to pools, garden areas, or other greenery.

These patio doors can open as far as you want. You can open up entire walls between your home interior and the outdoor living space you have created. You can open it just a little bit or completely, creating a completely different feel either way.

The views that you can take advantage of with these door systems will depend on your actual location, but homes throughout San Clemente have gorgeous views of rolling hills, the Pacific Ocean, or some beautiful shrubs or flowering plants and your own back yard creation. When you are limited to a simple sliding glass patio door, you’re missing out on the benefits that come with these large opening glass walls.

This can create the illusion of more space inside.

No matter how large or small your house is, when you install bi-fold or multi-slide glass patio doors that lead to the outdoor living space of your home, it can create the feeling of having a larger home. Your living room can certainly feel as though it just seamlessly merges with the outdoor living space. Opening those doors or keeping them closed will have the same impact on the ways these doors make your house feel.

Having a larger feel to your home can provide numerous emotional benefits as well.

It connects your outdoor living space with your indoor one.

If you’ve ever wondered why you return home in the evening and don’t want to spend much time outside, but then regret it by the weekend when you’re enjoying your time outdoors, it’s probably due to the fact that your old sliding glass doors don’t inspire you to want to struggle to open them and go back and forth to your yard. Also, when you have a solid wall that divides your indoor and outdoor living spaces, there is big disconnection between the two.

When you have an entire wall of glass that is comprised of these bi-fold or multi-slide patio doors, even when closed, even when you’re spending your time indoors, it still better connects that outdoor space with your indoor life.

There is something to be said about taking advantage of Southern California living. Many people underestimate the benefits of living in this part of the world. Not only do you have incredible scenery surrounding you and amazing weather almost every day of the year, but you are close enough to the ocean when you live in San Clemente that it should inspire you to spend even more time outdoors.

If you’re still having difficulty trying to figure out whether these patio doors are going to offer you and your family the kind of benefit that you would hope, contact or visit to see the wide range of selections you can choose from. You could be inspired to make this home improvement project right now and begin enjoying outdoor living even more within a matter of weeks.

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