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Del Mar, CA bifold patio door

Remodel Ideas, According to the Pros

Each year, thousands upon thousands of California homeowners choose to do some sort of remodel project. Among the most popular are:   Patio upgrades   Kitchen remodels   Replacement siding  Now, there are good remodel ideas and there are bad ones. Unfortunately, these days, social media and an innumerable number of websites present DIY projects that lead homeowners […]

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bifold patio door in La Jolla, CA

4 Pro Exterior Home Updates Tips

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start for a home improvement project. There are all sorts of angles homeowners can take: curb appeal upgrades, kitchen upgrades, patio upgrades… The list is endless. Don’t get overwhelmed, though. The truth is, you can begin anywhere; you simply need to begin.    That said, we all know how […]

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Coronado, CA bifold doors

4 Reasons Your Backyard Needs a Bifold Patio Door System

Summertime is the season when most homeowners choose to make improvements to their outdoor living spaces. From new Coronado, CA bifold doors to improved furniture, there are countless ideas for new looks and enhanced patio areas. But, a patio space is only as good as its entrance. And, here at Priority Door & Window Products, we know homeowners […]

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bifold patio door in San Diego, CA

Key Upgrades for the Modern Home

Modernizing your home is easier than most would expect. Of course, it takes thorough planning and budgeting—but there is no shortage of ideas for homeowners. Modern-day advancements have produced an excess of options and trends that are likely to stick around. At the top of the list are San Diego, CA bifold patio doors, open concept floor plans, new […]

Adding a Unique Look to Your Home

We all want our homes to be unique. We want something that makes our homes distinctively ours and, at least, somewhat different from the next-door neighbor’s. Accomplishing uniqueness is often difficult when you don’t have the right guidance, though. That said, you may find yourself wondering how to transform your space from good to great. […]

Why Homeowners Are Choosing Multi-Slide Doors in San Diego

There are trends in home decor and construction which seem to come and go without taking hold for very long. In general, homeowners want to avoid “here today, gone tomorrow” features because it’s expensive to make constant changes and upgrades. Plus, no one wants an outdated home just two or three years after making a […]

What is a Folding Glass Door?

In the doors and windows industry, there are all sorts of words and phrases the average homeowner may not know. Further, there are more products out there to consider than you could possibly dream up. Today, let’s discuss what Coronado, CA folding glass doors are. The Many Names of Folding Glass Doors Folding glass doors […]

The Advantages of Bifold Doors

Bifold doors have quickly become one of the most popular door types in home improvement and new construction projects. They are ideal for every home style from traditional to contemporary and everything in between and are the perfect solution for open living spaces. Their advantages are covet-worthy. Bifold doors in Laguna Beach, CA, specifically, are […]

The Best Patio Upgrades for Your S. Cali Home

Summer is in full swing here in San Clemente, CA. Everyone is outside as much as possible—from the moment they get off work until the sun is long gone. Myself included. But, with warm weather like this, do you find yourself looking at your outdoor space and scrutinizing it? I sure do. I mean, to […]

Doors to Enhance Your Space

There are all sorts of interior home upgrades you can choose for your home to prep it for resale. Among the most popular and proven are: Upgrades to the kitchen: potential home buyers are all looking for new countertops or cabinets; anything that says, “this kitchen is upgraded!” New windows: windows are a big expense […]