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5 Reasons Why Marvin Bifold Patio Doors Are Your Best Option

There are many different manufacturers that make El Cajon, CA bifold patio doors. But none of them do it quite as well as Marvin does. Marvin bifold patio doors are some of the very best patio doors on the market today. They look great once they’re installed, and they’ll last for a long time thanks to their sophisticated design.  

If you’re looking for bifold patio doors to install in your home today, consider making Marvin your choice. Check out 5 reasons why Marvin bifold patio doors have turned into such a great option for homeowners in the El Cajon, CA area.  

They offer a variety of exterior and interior finishes. 

If you’re going to put bifold patio doors into your home, you want them to match the feel of the rest of your home design, especially since they’re going to be such a prominent feature. Fortunately, you can make them fit right in by choosing the right exterior and interior finishes. On the exterior, you can choose from copper, liberty bronze, clay, gunmetal, and stone white finishes in addition to lots of other options. On the interior, you’ll have wood options like pine, mahogany, cherry, white oak, and more. The number of combinations you can come up with is virtually endless.  

They can be outfitted with almost any kind of glass. 

In addition to choosing the right exterior and interior finishes for your patio doors in El Cajon, CA, you can also select from a number of glass options. There are more than a dozen total. You can pick from tempered insulating glass, obscure glass, glue chip glass, sandblasted glass, rain glass, and more. Whether you want to let a lot of light in or improve your privacy, do it with your choice of glass.  

They come in almost 100 different design configurations. 

No two Marvin bifold patio door designs look alike. That’s because Marvin offers almost 100 different design configurations. As a result, your patio doors will look like they were customized specifically for your home once they go in.  

They’re easy to open and close. 

El Cajon, CA patio doors

Marvin bifold patio doors don’t just look great. They also perform remarkably well when they’re installed properly. You will be able to open and close them without much effort on your part. In some instances, you can even automate them since Marvin makes their bifold patio doors with home automation in mind. It’ll make it simple to open your patio doors and let the outside in.  

They can have traditional and contemporary handles. 

Want to make your bifold patio doors look more traditional? There is a handle for that. Do you want to make them more contemporary? There’s a handle for that, too. You can also choose from different hardware finishes based on the design of your doors.  

Marvin has established itself as one of the leading patio door companies by offering superior products. Priority Doors & Windows is proud to carry these products and can serve as your patio door installers in El Cajon, CA if you would like. Contact us at (619) 281-2333 to schedule a patio door consultation or see the Marvin products we have in stock at 8185 Camino Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92121.