4 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out!

It would be wise for those looking to sell their home as quickly as possible to make a great impression with potential homeowners—especially those who come to an open house to take an official walk-through. That said, there are a number of ways you can make your home stand out from the others and we—the experts here at Priority Doors & Windows—would like to discuss with you 4 sure-fire ways to make the most extraordinary impression on prospective buyers!

  1. Make it spotless
    We can’t stress this enough; your home has to be clean in order to sell. The worst impression you could possibly leave on a potential buyer is that your home is not properly cared for. Cleanliness communicates care. Leave no stain untreated and no piece of furniture un-manicured. The walls, baseboards, crown molding, windows, and doors should all be spotless and touched-up, if needed (re-stained, repainted, etc.). Along this vein, add a few “fresh linen” scented plugins so the space smells fresh.
  2. Pay attention to curb appeal
    This includes the yard, the walk-up, your front door, the bushes and trees—everything should look healthy and maintained. If the yard looks too bare, add a few hanging modest flower pots. If your yard is an eyesore, many will simply “pass” and check out the next listing.
  3. Add a feature few have
    Here’s where you can let your imagination run a bit. What features have you seen on HGTV you wish to have in your home one day? Perhaps it’s shiplap. Perhaps you wish to have a real patio—not just trodden grass and a few chairs. Whatever it is, consider adding a distinctive feature to set your home apart from the others. Here at Priority, we offer unique folding glass doors that are a huge hit with potential buyers! These doors bring the Coronado, CA, outdoors in! We can install them along a wall or even around a corner. Folding glass doors are perfect for connecting a kitchen to a porch, a living room to a yard or pool area, or a family room to a walk-out sundeck! Potential buyers won’t easily forget your home no matter how nice the competition is.
  4. Purge and organize
    Beyond cleanliness, your space can’t be cluttered with your personal effects. Home buyers need to be able to imagine their own things in each room. So, any superfluous items should be stowed away or gotten rid of. Examples: tools, excess household goods, DVDs, picture collections, toys, etc. If you have items you don’t want to part with, consider hanging a peg board for the tools and purchasing a neutral-toned toy box or ottoman for the kids’ stuff.

For more tips on how to prep your home to sell, come visit our team here at Priority Doors & Windows! We would be honored to help you upgrade your windows, entry door, and/or add a unique feature like our folding glass doors. We hope to meet you soon!

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