Unique Features for Your Coronado Home

If you are the type to seek interesting, unique features for your home as you transform it over the years, Priority Doors & Windows needs to be your next stop. You see, our team takes special pride in providing the finishing touches your Coronado, CA, home! Windows, doors, new space for new windows and doors… THAT’S how you transform a home from good to great!

So, what are some unique features for your home? Here are a few suggestions from the experts:

  • Folding glass patio doors
  • Oversized or oddly shaped picture windows
  • Bay or bow windows in common spaces (beyond the kitchen or hidden in the master bedroom)

Have you thought of adding any of the above to your house? Let’s discuss the benefits of doing so!

Folding glass patio doors:
Folding glass patio doors through Priority are simple and elegant. This is a perfect solution to your outdoor/indoor living that provides you with extra entry/exit space, grander views of your surroundings, and a clean design to modernize your home. Haven’t you always wanted to invite the outside into your home and to wow your guests? Folding glass patio doors are the perfect way to do just that. Here are some special details regarding this awesome door option:

  • They fold-up and out of the way, taking zero wall space away from you
  • There is no need for an immobile pane/doorway, as there are with traditional sliding doors
  • They maximize light coming into your home
  • They are a unique feature which is sure to be a talking point for you and your guests
  • Better visibility of your children and/or pets as they spend time outdoors

Oversized or oddly shaped picture windows:
This is another way to invite the outdoors in (see a theme?). Sure, you can’t open this type of window, but the wow-factor of a wall-sized picture window is worth it—trust us. More often than not, we install this style into living room spaces and close to entryways. It’s an inviting and lovely way to maximize the natural light in your home. As far oddly shaped picture windows go, our team has noticed these becoming more and more preferred by homeowners, too! Customizations are where personality and design aesthetics show themselves most readily!

Bay or bow windows in common spaces:
Traditionally, bay and bow windows are installed in bedrooms and kitchens to add floor or storage space. Why not add it to a living room as a reading nook—perfect for books, Christmas trees, game space, etc.! Or, what about in your office?  We always enjoy installing traditional windows in non-traditional spaces because this adds a quirkiness and depth of character to the home.

Which unique feature fits best for you? Our team here at Priority Doors & Windows can’t wait to meet you and get to work transforming your indoor space from good to great!

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