5 Unique Features that Set Your Home Apart!

2018 décor and renovation trends are all about uniqueness. And, even though our professionals here at Priority Doors & Windows are in the—shocker—door and window industry, we do know a thing or two about home trends and décor. After all, these things are closely tied to what we do; how could we not keep up with the home trends?

So, for 2018, how can you make your home as unique as possible? Check out these 6 features that set your home apart!

  1. Folding glass doors
    It’s California. We have some of the best scenery in the entire nation—it should be on display! Our bi-fold door options allow you to choose just how big or small you want them, and how many panels. The benefits of this incredible door system are as follows:
  • Not every home on your block has them
  • They allow you the most glass surface so you can see your spectacular views with ease
  • No vertical frames to get in your way when you’re gazing outside—your sightline will always be clear
  • The added value to your home is huge
  • Bring the outdoors IN and feel more connected to your patio space
  1. Dressed-up blank walls
    If you have a wall in your home without any windows, that’s the wall you should use for this idea—but be sure to make it room-appropriate:
  • Kitchen: Frame recipes and layer a culinary silhouette (whisk, spatula, pan, etc.) over it in the same color as the frame.
  • In your bedroom: Frame your wedding vows and a couple favorite poems in various matching frames of different sizes with silhouettes of couples kissing, rings, or religious symbols.
  • In a common area (living room): copies of pages from your favorite books in frames with silhouettes of your favorite characters/symbols. 
  1. Build a bar INTO your deck
    Adding a bar rail on your deck for extra outdoor eating room is a fun idea. There will always be a place for your guests to snack and set their drinks!
  2. Add a skylight
    And, leave your mind open to adding this feature anywhere—not just in your guest or master bath. What about in your bedroom, above your bed? You can stargaze as you fall asleep every night! Or, what about in your living room? Adding a skylight to that space is quite unique. Just like artwork—it’s somewhere to look at something beautiful.
  3. Two-sided fireplace
    Who needs heated tiles in their master bathroom when you have a bathroom fireplace? And, since it’s two-sided, your master suite is extra

If you’re in the Coronado, CA area, we would love to help you with your window and/or door replacement and upgrade projects! Come visit us or call to schedule an at-home consultation. We’ll work together to make your home the relaxing, unique space you’ve always wanted!

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