Out 2018 Home Renovation with Priority Products!

I have been counting down the weeks and days to 2018, and it’s finally here. My husband and I agreed early last year that we would budget, save, and plan a home renovation with products from Priority Doors & Windows for our little house here in Coronado, CA. Admittedly, I have behaved like a schoolgirl who can not sleep the night before the first day of school—uncontrollably excited. I have, literally, been dreaming about it for weeks and going over our ideas repeatedly and fantasizing about the showroom options we chose:

  • A new front door. My husband was right, ours simply does not match the exterior of the house. Perhaps the owners before us had a slim budget and couldn’t afford something nicer and more complementary (or, perhaps they had poor taste). Whatever the reason behind the choosing of the current front door, it doesn’t fit. Ours is a quaint, cottage style home with thatched roofing (my favorite detail), and three irregularly-shaped rooms filled with unique built-ins. Currently, the front door is square, with one small square window, light oak. Next week, we are installing an arched, fiberglass door with vertical paneling and a large window and decorative hardware which complements the color of our brick walk-up. We settled on a deep burgundy color!
  • Folding glass doors along our West-facing wall, off the living room. This is the feature that has kept me awake late at night, fantasizing about the outcome. Nearly eighteen feet of wall is going to be replaced with folding glass doors to tie our inside living space to the patio we finished late last summer. In just a few weeks, our family will get to enjoy uninterrupted views of our yard and pond, the kids’ playset and sandbox, the stringed lights and lanterns we’ve hung from our pergola… It’s going to be absolutely dreamy!
  • A bay window in the kitchen, as an extension of our dining sitting area! Let me explain. I saw this post on Pinterest last spring of a farmhouse table next to a built-in bench that was part of a large bay window. I fell in love with the idea and so did the kiddos! There will be added storage under the sitting area for our less-than-often used kitchenware items and lacey curtains covering the bottom half of the three large windows for maximized natural light. Right now, the kitchen feels small and dark; this bay window will transform that!
  • A skylight in the master bathroom. Again, the house is quaint, so anything we can do to open the space up without compromising privacy, that’s the plan. As a bonus, it’ll be much easier to put on my makeup with natural light flooding the bathroom!

If you live in Coronado or the San Diego Bay Area, I encourage you to give the team at Priority Doors & Windows a try for your next home renovation project! We love their products!

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