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Adding a Unique Look to Your Home

We all want our homes to be unique. We want something that makes our homes distinctively ours and, at least, somewhat different from the next-door neighbor’s. Accomplishing uniqueness is often difficult when you don’t have the right guidance, though. That said, you may find yourself wondering how to transform your space from good to great. […]

The Advantages of Bifold Doors

Bifold doors have quickly become one of the most popular door types in home improvement and new construction projects. They are ideal for every home style from traditional to contemporary and everything in between and are the perfect solution for open living spaces. Their advantages are covet-worthy. Bifold doors in Laguna Beach, CA, specifically, are […]

The Best Patio Upgrades for Your S. Cali Home

Summer is in full swing here in San Clemente, CA. Everyone is outside as much as possible—from the moment they get off work until the sun is long gone. Myself included. But, with warm weather like this, do you find yourself looking at your outdoor space and scrutinizing it? I sure do. I mean, to […]

Doors to Enhance Your Space

There are all sorts of interior home upgrades you can choose for your home to prep it for resale. Among the most popular and proven are: Upgrades to the kitchen: potential home buyers are all looking for new countertops or cabinets; anything that says, “this kitchen is upgraded!” New windows: windows are a big expense […]

Doors to Enhance Your Space

Everything we read about when it comes to amplifying the interior aesthetics of the home has to do with the usual: Artwork DIY furniture Repurposing old items Decluttering and minimalizing décor But, what about fresh spins in the home that have to do with making a BOLD statement? Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we’re […]

Summer, 2018 Trends and Your California Home

The perfect “finishing touch” is tough to find for your Laguna Beach home. Well, it is if you’re me. See, I never know when to stop (when I get going on a roll with redecorating…), as my husband likes to lovingly remind me. Be that as it may, I do understand a well-done room and […]

California Patio Upgrades in 2018

The summertime is so close we can almost taste it! How excited are you to get outdoors, work on your tan, and freshen up your backyard patio space? With the weather warming up, homeowners across San Clemente, CA are taking a long, hard look at their patios and backyard spaces to make decisions about what […]

Mulitple Uses for Multi-Slide Doors

If you are anything like me, you want to be sure the big-ticket items you pay for (anything from clothing to household items, to furniture) are multi-use. There’s something that really grinds my gears about spending money on a one-time use item. The more uses something has, the better. I just really feel like I’m […]

5 Unique Features that Set Your Home Apart!

2018 décor and renovation trends are all about uniqueness. And, even though our professionals here at Priority Doors & Windows are in the—shocker—door and window industry, we do know a thing or two about home trends and décor. After all, these things are closely tied to what we do; how could we not keep up […]

4 Unique Ways to Personalize Your Home

No one wants a cookie-cutter home. Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we know how important it is that your Laguna Beach, CA home feels uniquely you. You want your home to complement your personal style, work efficiently for you, and make sense for your family. How, exactly, does one accomplish that, though? We’ve got […]