The View You Always Wanted

If you live here in Coronado, CA, you know the views are breathtaking. People travel here to “get away from it all.” But, we live here! It’s amazing! Though, how disappointing is it to live here without being able to take it all in? If you don’t have folding glass doors in your home, you are definitely missing out.

Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we want our fellow neighbors to experience the beauty and comfort of these unique doors! Here are 4 Reasons You Need Folding Glass Doors in your home:

  1. Views that can’t be rivaled
    Other doors and windows cannot provide you the uninterrupted views the way folding glass doors can provide. Imagine: a wall of glass panels off the back side of your house, open to the backyard. You can watch the kids, keep an eye on the family dog as he plays in the grass, and catch the sunset. Spectacular. What’s more, you can watch storms rolling in, catch a glimpse of the ocean, and feel like you are sitting outside—minus the bugs and strong winds.
  2. Larger openings
    Folding glass doors provide you the ability to have much larger openings than traditional doors. This is a benefit for many reasons:
  • It expands your living space
  • Entertaining guests is easier and more enjoyable
  • They allow more natural light into your home, which is proven to provide medicinal benefits
  1. Added retail value
    Are you planning to sell one day in the future? Maybe not next year, but one day you may decide to put your house on the market. Adding a folding glass door system to your home is a premium feature potential buyers are always looking to find. In fact, these days, buyers are looking for three things: upgraded kitchens, modern bathrooms, and unique features. You can expect a big return on this investment!
  2. Natural selection
    Did you know that a large expanse of glass is a key feature architects use to create that desired indoor-outdoor connection? More often now than ever this is being utilized in home design. Just flip on HGTV and what do you see? Open concepts, wrap-around window and glass door systems, skylights, four season patios, and alternative patio door options. We all desire to feel connected to our surroundings! Note: folding glass doors can take up an entire wall if you want! Your décor choices will help to keep the space cozy, while the extra panes of glass will make it feel spacious when guests are present.

California is beautiful—I would not want to live anywhere else. But, you aren’t truly living and enjoying your space if you are closed off from the outdoors! Come visit the showroom here at Priority Doors & Windows and see for yourself or give us a call to set up a free in-home estimate! Your folding glass door system is just a phone call away!

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