Doors to Enhance Your Space

There are all sorts of interior home upgrades you can choose for your home to prep it for resale. Among the most popular and proven are:

  • Upgrades to the kitchen: potential home buyers are all looking for new countertops or cabinets; anything that says, “this kitchen is upgraded!”
  • New windows: windows are a big expense no new homeowner wants to deal with (unless, of course, you like to flip houses!)
  • New roofs: again—this, too, is a big expense no new homeowner wants to deal with!

But, what about the upgrades that most don’t talk about? There are some renovations you can make to your home that will set you apart from the others in the neighborhood and I want to talk to you about one of them: multi-slide doors!

Now, be warned, adding this door system to your home may make you rethink putting your San Diego, CA home on the market entirely. Here at Priority Doors & Windows, you certainly would not be the first homeowner to add one of our door systems to help sell the home… and then fall in love with it!

Alright. What are these multi-slide doors? Keep reading!

Multi-slide doors
These aren’t BRAND NEW to the industry, but they are rather unheard of by many homeowners. Why? They are unique. Imagine any run-of-the-mill sliding patio door. Then, add high-end materials. Then, add extra panels. Then add some more, if you want. In fact, add enough to cover your back wall—the one that divides your living room from the backyard. Pretty, huh? Here are all the reasons homeowners are raving about this door system:

  • Visual appeal: no window or door can quite compare to a wall-sized door system like this!
  • Minimal design: a clean, uninterrupted view of your surroundings. Future buyers want to feel connected to their outside space and adding wall-to-wall glass and operable panels will achieve exactly that.
  • Stacking panels: multi-slide door systems (like the revered LaCantina manufacturer) stack flush with minimal sight lines to prevent any view obstruction.
  • Thermally sound: we live in California after all—homes here require the maximum protection from the super-hot temps!
  • Increased overall home value: as mentioned, there is something to be said about adding an eye-catching and functional feature to your home! Buyers will love it!

Overcoming the cost jitters
Here at Priority, we know how difficult it can be to swallow the significant cost that comes with prepping the home for resale. Let’s be honest—it’s HARD to pour money into a structure you’re planning to sell to someone else, isn’t it? We get it. What we also understand is that you must invest to reap a return. If multi-slide doors aren’t for you and your budget, that’s ok! Let’s meet and discuss what you need to have done that will benefit you in the long-run. Our staff is knowledgeable and professional; together, we’ll figure out what the next best step is! For more details, you can check multi slide doors San Diego, CA.

Let’s get you ready to sell your home! Give a call to Priority Doors & Windows today!


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