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Why Homeowners Are Choosing Multi-Slide Doors in San Diego

There are trends in home decor and construction which seem to come and go without taking hold for very long. In general, homeowners want to avoid “here today, gone tomorrow” features because it’s expensive to make constant changes and upgrades. Plus, no one wants an outdated home just two or three years after making a […]

Doors to Enhance Your Space

There are all sorts of interior home upgrades you can choose for your home to prep it for resale. Among the most popular and proven are: Upgrades to the kitchen: potential home buyers are all looking for new countertops or cabinets; anything that says, “this kitchen is upgraded!” New windows: windows are a big expense […]

Mulitple Uses for Multi-Slide Doors

If you are anything like me, you want to be sure the big-ticket items you pay for (anything from clothing to household items, to furniture) are multi-use. There’s something that really grinds my gears about spending money on a one-time use item. The more uses something has, the better. I just really feel like I’m […]

A Unique Door System for Your California Views

Are you planning to build or remodel your home in the San Diego, CA, area? If so, you probably have a long list of “musts!” At the top of your list may be a replacement patio door. That said, did you know many homeowners are exchanging their regular sliding and French patio doors for multi-slide […]

A Sliding Door with a Twist

Imagine a San Marcos, CA bi-fold doors or a sliding glass door. Do you see it in your mind? It probably has two panes of glass; one immobile and the other which slides along a track over the immobile one. Even though you have two panes of glass, you can only pass through one. You […]

“Contemporize” Your Home with these Tips from Priority

Contemporary décor has been a popular go-to trend for home design for years and years. There is good reason for this: it is sleek, classic, and relevant no matter what demographic you happen to belong to. But, what makes a good contemporary look in your home? The pros here at Priority Doors & Windows in […]

A Good Vibe at Home Starts with Folding Glass Doors

Your home is your safe place, your happy place. It should be indicative of your personality and design perspective, wouldn’t you say? I think we can all agree that we are happier to return home from work at the end of a long day when the vibe is just right. So, how does one attain […]

Planning Your Post-Renovation Party!

If you have ever upgraded a feature or two in your home (windows, doors, added a deck, etc.), you know the excitement that follows: that internal need to throw a party or have a get-together so you can enjoy your space—and show it off. Here at Priority Doors & Windows, our team is very familiar […]

The Door to your Future: Multi-Slide Doors

What do you know about unique door options for your San Diego home? If you live in a standard home with typical features, you may have a front door and a back door or standard San Marcos, CA bi-fold doors which leads to the backyard or porch. There’s nothing wrong with this—but this is not […]