Bifold Doors vs. Patio Doors

There are so many door products out there. This can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we aim to lessen your stress and keep things exciting and practical when the time has come for you to choose a new door for your San Clemente, CA, home.

First, we know comparisons are helpful. So, let’s walk one out together: bifold doors vs. patio doors.

Bifold doors: what are they?
These are more commonly known as “folding sliding doors.” The bifold door can be used as a replacement for your run-of-the-mill patio door to more completely tie together your indoor and outdoor spaces. There is a “traffic” door for daily in/out activities and they are typically comprised of large glass panels which let in all the natural light you could want! The door itself will slide open while its panels fold up and stack against the wall, giving you as little or as much walk-through space as possible. A unique feature of this door style is that it can be installed both internally and externally in the home. Often times, in an office setting (and in some homes), bifold doors are used to divide rooms that need to be combined once in a while. And, they can be used to section-off pantries, wardrobes, and laundry rooms in the home. External bifold doors are most often used to connect the indoors with the outdoors, leading to patios, gardens, and porches. They are a great choice for the following reasons:

  • They have the ability to be totally closed, partially open, or fully open.
  • There are various size options, panel count options, and customizable glass, hardware, and lock options.
  • Bifold doors are unique and add significant value to a structure.
  • They can be opened inward and outward. Bifold doors provide a 90% clear-cut opening when all door panels are open and folded up.

Patio doors: what are they?
Seems pretty clear, I know. Patio doors are exactly what they say: doors meant for the patio (or deck, or balcony, of course). They can be swing doors on hinges or sliding doors, as is quite popular in traditional style homes. Swing doors can be one or two doors which open to the inside or outside space. Sliding doors are made of two or more panes: one stationary and the other(s) operable/sliding. Patio doors are great for the following reasons:

  • Patio doors are best used on balconies, decks, and garden walk-outs.
  • For homes with tighter spaces and/or lots of furniture, the sliding patio door is the right choice as the panels slide easily over each other—a great space saver.
  • Patio doors of any style provide a 45-65% opening.
  • They are usually less expensive than bifold doors.
  • There are various size options, panel count options, and customizable glass, hardware, and lock options.

Hopefully, this article has helped to provide you a better picture of some of the differences between bifold and patio doors. You can’t go wrong! Come visit us here at Priority Doors & Windows today!

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