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5 Reasons Why Marvin Bifold Patio Doors Are Your Best Option

There are many different manufacturers that make El Cajon, CA bifold patio doors. But none of them do it quite as well as Marvin does. Marvin bifold patio doors are some of the very best patio doors on the market today. They look great once they’re installed, and they’ll last for a long time thanks to […]

Poway, CA bifold patio doors

3 Ways Bifold Patio Doors Will Change the Way You Use Your Home

If you have ordinary sliding glass doors installed in the rear of your home, you’re probably not using your home to its full potential. Specifically, you’re probably not using the patio space that you have to your advantage, and you’re definitely not enjoying every aspect of the gorgeous southern California weather. With Poway, CA bifold patio […]

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What Types of Glass Can I Place Into Bifold Patio Doors?

When you decide to install San Marcos, CA bifold patio doors in your home, you’ll have the option of choosing from all kinds of different framing materials. Just like with windows, patio doors allow you to make the most of a wide range of materials based on what fits the current style of your home. You can […]

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Why You Should Only Have Bifold Patio Doors Installed by the Pros

One of the best parts about living in southern California is the gorgeous weather. It’s just about always sunny, and it’s rare to find a day when the temperature is anything less than perfect. By installing Rancho Santa Fe, CA bifold patio doors in your home, you can take full advantage of the climate and bring the […]

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Key Upgrades for the Modern Home

Modernizing your home is easier than most would expect. Of course, it takes thorough planning and budgeting—but there is no shortage of ideas for homeowners. Modern-day advancements have produced an excess of options and trends that are likely to stick around. At the top of the list are San Diego, CA bifold patio doors, open concept floor plans, new […]

The Best Patio Upgrades for Your S. Cali Home

Summer is in full swing here in San Clemente, CA. Everyone is outside as much as possible—from the moment they get off work until the sun is long gone. Myself included. But, with warm weather like this, do you find yourself looking at your outdoor space and scrutinizing it? I sure do. I mean, to […]

California Patio Upgrades in 2018

The summertime is so close we can almost taste it! How excited are you to get outdoors, work on your tan, and freshen up your backyard patio space? With the weather warming up, homeowners across San Clemente, CA are taking a long, hard look at their patios and backyard spaces to make decisions about what […]

4 Reasons Your Home Needs Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold patio doors have become one of the most popular home enhancement features in homes—especially here in San Clemente, CA. Homeowners rave about their versatility, charm, and the extra space they provide. They seamlessly connect a garden or patio to a home and transform any dining room or common space into a flawless masterpiece. Clearly, […]

How I Created My Own California Dream Home

You really do not have to have a huge house at the top of your budget to have your dream home. I know this because I have mine and it is only a quaint one-story, 2-bedroom home. Of course, it is just me and my husband. Now that our kids are grown and out there […]

Bifold Doors vs. Patio Doors

There are so many door products out there. This can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we aim to lessen your stress and keep things exciting and practical when the time has come for you to choose a new door for your San Clemente, CA, home. First, we […]