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Del Mar, CA bifold patio door

Remodel Ideas, According to the Pros

Each year, thousands upon thousands of California homeowners choose to do some sort of remodel project. Among the most popular are:   Patio upgrades   Kitchen remodels   Replacement siding  Now, there are good remodel ideas and there are bad ones. Unfortunately, these days, social media and an innumerable number of websites present DIY projects that lead homeowners […]

bifold patio door in La Jolla, CA

4 Pro Exterior Home Updates Tips

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start for a home improvement project. There are all sorts of angles homeowners can take: curb appeal upgrades, kitchen upgrades, patio upgrades… The list is endless. Don’t get overwhelmed, though. The truth is, you can begin anywhere; you simply need to begin.    That said, we all know how […]