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bifold patio door in La Jolla, CA

4 Pro Exterior Home Updates Tips

Sometimes, it’s difficult to know where to start for a home improvement project. There are all sorts of angles homeowners can take: curb appeal upgrades, kitchen upgrades, patio upgrades… The list is endless. Don’t get overwhelmed, though. The truth is, you can begin anywhere; you simply need to begin.   

That said, we all know how important curb appeal is, especially for those homeowners looking to sell. If you’re looking to sell your La Jolla, CA home in the near future, there are four exterior updates you need to focus on. Keep reading.   

Tip #1: Add Bifold Patio Doors  

Unlike conventional patio doors, bifold patio door systems in La Jolla, CA offer a lot to a home. Generally, they are bigger than tradition sliding or swing doors. This means they allow in a lot more natural light—a big selling point in the market. Further, they offer homeowners (and potential buyers) more connectedness between the indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as enhance the look of a patio. This is especially noteworthy for potential buyers with a love for the outdoors and a zest for patio life and entertainment. Other benefits worth mentioning:  

  • Bifold doors are a unique feature. Buyers are looking for features set apart from other options.  
  • Bifold doors offer better visibility. This is especially important for families with children and pets. This is also an added benefit if your home is nestled in a beautiful area with picturesque surroundings.  
  • Bifold doors fold neatly away to create a fully connected indoor-outdoor space.  

Tip #2: Ensure Attractive Siding   

Sometimes, all your home needs is a good power washing to revive the siding. But, if your home’s siding has deteriorated, it’s time to redo or replace it. No buyer wants to consider a home that appears—from the outside—to be in disrepair.   

Tip #3: Perform Basic Lawn Care   

A little mowing and trimming can go a long way. Keep the grass and plants green, add flowers, and perform regular maintenance on your yard. Doing so will add to the addition of bifold patio doors in your La Jolla, CA home because there will be a pleasant, green yard to look at. Also, avoid the temptation to simply lay down sod and call it “complete.” Experts agree that the yard’s condition can make or break a buyer’s decision to check out a house for sale. So, take pride in your outdoor space; it will cause potential buyers more interest in your home. Plus, a pretty yard is a nice welcome after a long day at work.   

Tip #4: Create an Attractive Entryway 

How you care for your entryway will communicate to potential buyers a lot about how you likely care for the rest of the home. Adding a few potted plants and a well-constructed “welcome” sign is an inviting addition that adds instant curb appeal. Keep the front porch swept and free of clutter, too.   

The team of professionals here at Priority Doors & Windows want to help you with your exterior home upgrade project. We’d love to get you started with one of our quality La Jolla, CA bifold patio door systems. Call us at (619) 281-2333 or stop by and see our showroom, located at 8185 Camino Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92121. See you soon!