Planning Your Post-Renovation Party!

If you have ever upgraded a feature or two in your home (windows, doors, added a deck, etc.), you know the excitement that follows: that internal need to throw a party or have a get-together so you can enjoy your space—and show it off. Here at Priority Doors & Windows, our team is very familiar with the importance of family gatherings. In fact, we find ourselves working with businesspeople and homeowners here in San Diego who are in a time-crunch to install windows or doors specifically for a gathering of some sort. And you know what the perfect feature for a lovely gathering space is? Multi-slide doors.

Multi-slide doors: that feature missing from your home
Do you ever look out your window at the beautiful landscape and wish you could have more of that serenity and awe in your home? Well, imagine replacing your obtrusive walls with multiple panes of glass doors that slide easily out of the way, when needed. Your décor could be the mountainside, the ocean or the landscaping you’ve worked so hard to groom over the years. You could more clearly see your children play or the growing trees and flowers you love to water…  Multi-slide doors give you:

  • Maximized natural light throughout your home
  • Unobstructed views
  • A total or partial opening, as desired
  • Easy glide along high-quality tracks
  • Added character and exceptionality to your décor

Planning your next party
Not everyone is the partying type, but most of us will host a gathering of some sort throughout the year. Perhaps you throw your children’s birthday parties each year—wouldn’t you love to keep a closer eye on them while they run around outside? Or perhaps you are on a schedule rotation with extended family for Thanksgiving—won’t your next “turn” be so much lovelier with the sunset on display over dinner? Whatever it is you like to do (or are committed to doing around the holidays), your gathering will be exponentially improved with sliding doors through Priority. How? Check this out:

  • Added space: when your guests can freely walk from the inside to your patio or yard outside, your home feels as though it doubled in size. No more bumping into family members while you spend time together!
  • Added grandeur: when walls open up (literally), your home has instant wow-factor. Further, there is just something about natural light and extra glass coverage in a home to take it to that next level.
  • Added natural light: Sunlight and moonlight, stars and sunsets—all of these backdrops will add to your space.

Here’s the thing—our job is to help you attain the most beautiful, functional, affordable home possible and your job is to enjoy it. So, what are you waiting for? Give Priority Doors & Windows a call today and together, we will make your home party-ready!

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