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bifold patio door in San Diego, CA

Key Upgrades for the Modern Home

Modernizing your home is easier than most would expect. Of course, it takes thorough planning and budgeting—but there is no shortage of ideas for homeowners. Modern-day advancements have produced an excess of options and trends that are likely to stick around. At the top of the list are San Diego, CA bifold patio doors, open concept floor plans, new cabinet hardware, and clean lines.   

Why Bifold Doors?   

Bifold doors are popular among homeowners of modernly designed homes. This is largely due to their unique appearance and support of an open concept look (which, we’ll discuss shortly). Other benefits of bifold patio doors in San Diego, CA include:  

  • Improved indoor-outdoor connection. This connection has been proven to enhance home life in many ways: improved mood, improved health, more restful sleep, etc.  
  • Make small rooms appear larger. Glass, being the primary element of a bifold door, creates an illusion of more space.  
  • Visually transforming. A “regular” house suddenly looks luxurious and noteworthy with a bifold patio door system in place.  

What the Open Concept Floor Plan Does for Your Space   

For at least the past decade, residential floor plans have been moving toward—at least partially—”open concept.” This design creates a more spacious and efficient living style. Coupled with a bifold door system, homes with open concept floor plans are in keeping with modern design. Other benefits of an open concept include:  

  • Better visibility throughout the home. This is especially ideal for families with little ones; better to keep a close eye on them as they play.  
  • More inclusion. Families feel more connected when they share space.  
  • Creates a “larger” space. Just as with the bifold patio door system, an open concept floor plan creates the illusion that the home’s interior is much larger.  

Cabinet Hardware is a Simple Fix   

Outdated hardware on your kitchen drawers and cabinets will only drag your interior design down. Luckily, updating the pulls and knobs is an inexpensive upgrade that will freshen up any kitchen. Jump online or visit the nearest hardware store to check out options fitting for your space.   

Clean Lines Go a Long Way   

First, what does it mean when someone references “clean lines” with regard to home design? Simply put, clean lines refer to:  

  • Flat surfaces  
  • A clutter-free space 
  • Furniture and trim with straight surfaces (as opposed to ornate, fancy carvings)  

San Diego, CA bifold patio door

You see, the modern house is one that is function focused. Though some design perspectives may suggest that clean lines are “cold” and “without character,” most professional modern designers would disagree. In fact, clean lines help to create a more cohesive, stress-free environment.   

If you are looking to create a modern feel in your home, these ideas are a great starting point. Come and visit the professionals at Priority Doors & Windows to check out your San Diego, CA bifold patio door options. We are located at 8185 Camino Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92121. Or, give us a call at (619) 281-2333 to set an appointment. We can’t wait to work with you!