“Contemporize” Your Home with these Tips from Priority

Contemporary décor has been a popular go-to trend for home design for years and years. There is good reason for this: it is sleek, classic, and relevant no matter what demographic you happen to belong to. But, what makes a good contemporary look in your home?

The pros here at Priority Doors & Windows in San Diego, CA, know exactly how to help you turn your home into the modern, contemporary dream house you have always wanted. Follow these four tips!

  1. Add simple lines
    This means you will want to shift your décor to reflect the following: planes, angles, and lines. Contemporary design is centered on strong “horizontal-vertical” intersections and squared-off edges. So, look for furniture with square corners and severe angles. This does not mean everything must have a square edge—you can balance in a few curves!
  2. Fall in love with neutrals
    Do not worry, we are not telling you that you have to accept only tans, grays, and whites as your colors exclusively. But, these are the primary pallet hues in truly contemporary homes. To add personality, all you need is a pop of color or a twist on a neutral (a pinkish-gray rug or bright yellow chair, for example).
  3. Go natural
    Natural fabrics like silk, linen, cotton, and wool are used in contemporary designs for their textures and natural colors. Think of bringing your home “back to the basics.”
  4. Consider adding a multi-slide door
    Have you heard of this phenomenon taking over in the past handful of years? Multi-slide “window walls,” as these doors are often called, are a wonderful and contemporary addition to increase the function in your home. We all want our homes to be as beautiful as they are efficient, right? Right! Inviting your outdoor space inside in a truly eco-friendly way is exactly what you will get with these doors through What’s more contemporary than being friendly to the environment? Plus, here are a few more ways adding a multi-slide door to your home works for contemporary design:
  • This type of door can disappear completely into a wall pocket and leave the appearance of an open-air space!
  • You have the option for virtually any size doorway. Do you want to turn an entire wall into a multi-slide door? We’d love to make that happen for you!
  • Energy efficiency: check for Energy Star ratings!

Hopefully, these tips help you to envision your home in a new light. If contemporary style is not your preference, that’s ok! There are plenty of wonderful design perspectives to follow. Stop in and see us here at Priority Doors & Windows and let’s figure out what works best for you, together. Our doors and windows are sure to wow you—there is something here for every homeowner and every home style! Our professionals would love to meet you! We hope to see you soon!

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