Priority Door & Window Products is pleased to offer the EZY Jamb line of quality products. They have created architectural solutions for a flush finish door jamb system that provides clean lines and contemporary finishes. We encourage you to experience the market’s leading EZY Jamb products on display at our 16,000 square foot Showroom and meet with one of our factory trained door & window specialist to see for yourself why Priority is Southern California’s largest and most knowledgeable EZY Jamb dealers.


For many years, architects, interior designers and developers have been trying to produce a contemporary flush finish door jamb with clean lines and inconspicuous detail. EZY Jamb does just that!

EZY Jamb steel door frames are Manufactured by STUDCO Building Systems who specializes in the manufacturing of quality rollformed steel building products. EZY Jamb is committed to fulfilling the most challenging customer requirements and is constantly seeking to introduce and implement new viable systems for the construction industry worldwide. STUDCO is a quality accredited company to ISO 9001 and is dedicated to offering quality products with personalized efficient customer service.

EZY Jamb is a split type jamb manufactured form cold rolled steel with a patented profile to produce a strong and secure assembly. The unique design of EZY Jamb combines visual appeal, strength and versatility.


• Designed for quick and economical finishing of wall ends.

• Manufactured from cold rolled steel providing a strong and secure wall end cap that is both durable and fast to install.

• Hard to reach wall ends made possible with Ezycap®.

• Available in a range of sizes to suit various wall configurations.

The Flush Finish Pocket Door Trim Kit
To suit any pocket door.

Cavkit can be used to transform standard pocket doors into trim free, flush finish pocket doors. They also complement and are in tune with the Ezyjamb® flush finish door jamb system. The Cavkit is made up of Ezyreveal® and Ezycap® to trim and cap the drywall edges around the door penetration. Optional custom made closer cap can be produced to suit any specification to provide total privacy


Make your door hinges disappear with the all new Rocyork concealed door hinge from Ezy-Jamb! This revolutionary architectural breakthrough will allow uninterrupted clean lines around internal doors for the ultimate square-set interior. Check out some of the features and benefits of the Rocyork concealed door hinge from Ezy-Jamb…

• No visible barrel or pin

• Maintenance free bearing mechanism

• Aesthetically pleasing hinge covers

EZY Jamb


Ezy-Jamb is simple to install, and it requires no special maintenance. The jamb is a split-type and comes in two sections that fit neatly together and provides adjustability in wall thickness. The system is complemented by a range of hardware to suit different applications.


Ezy-Jamb with concealed hinges allows for a totally flush finish door without the barrel of the hinge protruding out. This creates a look of the door floating within the Ezy-Jamb. The SOSS hinge is 90min fire rated and can be used in Ezyjamb’s fire rated frame


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