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replacement windows in Coronado, CA

Why You Should Replace Your Windows in the Summer

You may have noticed that summer is usually a busy season for home improvement, especially when it comes to replacement windows in Coronado, CA. The warmer temperature and longer days are contributing factors, but those are not the only reasons.

Read on to learn more about why you should join others in replacing your old windows this summer.

Lowers your summer energy consumption

As much as we all love the summer weather, the hot temperature is a recipe for higher energy bills. Your old windows may no longer have the high insulating properties to limit heat transfer. As a result, you have to consume more energy to cool your home. That will cost money.

However, a timely installation of new windows allows you to avoid that increased cost. You don’t have to run your air conditioner nonstop all summer. Modern windows are highly energy-efficient, with double- or triple-pane glasses filled with insulating gas.

Contractors can work without interruptions

Contractors prefer to work in the summer than in colder seasons. Not even spring is a good enough time for window installers to work efficiently. That’s why they are often swamped with work in the summer.

In the summer, there are no delays because of snowy conditions, and materials are more likely to function as intended because they haven’t contracted in the cold weather. Plus, home renovation projects in the snow or rain can be dangerous.

Without the constraints of bad weather, your window replacement project will finish quicker, and you can enjoy your new windows with minimal to zero interruptions.

Silence the summer noise

The summer weather brings everyone out. If you live in a busy street or neighborhood, this can quickly become an auditory nightmare. But getting windows in time for summer will save you from the noise.

Between the extra panes of modern windows and improved installation techniques, new windows have better noise insulation than their older counterparts. And you can even take things further with laminated glass and added insulation in the frame.

If you have an older person or a baby, replacing your old windows this summer can help ensure they (and you) have a peaceful time.

replacement windows in Coronado, CA

Sets you up for winter

Getting your windows now sets you up for the incoming cold seasons. The improved energy efficiency means you will spend less money to heat your home as newer windows retain indoor heat better.

More significantly, you don’t have to expose your home to the cold elements in the winter. Window installation involves open spaces where cold drafts can enter your home. The last thing you want is waking up with cold feet during winter.

Boosts your home’s aesthetic appeal

Everyone likes new things, and since most people go house shopping in the summer, newer windows improve the aesthetic value of your home.

A replacement windows project is an opportunity to choose fresher, more contemporary designs and upgrade your home’s look. Studies of shown replacement windows deliver up to 85% of ROI.

To capture much of that, there’s no better time to replace your windows than summer when competition between buyers is higher.

These are why summer is the best time for your Coronado, CA, home replacement window project. When ready, schedule an appointment to tour our showroom today. Or fill out this form to get a quote today.