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Dana Point, CA bifold patio doors

Why Bifold Patio Doors Are Easier to Open Than Sliding Doors

When you install Dana Point, CA bifold patio doors in your home, one of the first things you’ll notice about them is how easy they are to open and close. In some cases, you can open or close bifold patio doors with just one finger. This makes it simple to open or close these doors in a matter of just a few seconds when you’re entertaining guests or winding down for the night.  

Bifold patio doors are significantly easier to close when you compare them to the sliding patio doors that are often installed on Dana Point, CA homes. Have you ever wondered why that is? Let’s take a look at why bifold patio doors are so much more functional than sliding patio doors.  

The weight of bifold patio doors is placed on their upper track instead of their lower track. 

Almost any patio door in Dana Point, CA that you install in your home is going to be heavy to some degree. Doors wouldn’t offer up much in terms of protection and security if they didn’t have some weight to them. Bifold patio doors are no different, as they are heavy doors. But they’re easy to open because most of their weight is placed on their upper track that runs across the top of the doors as opposed to the lower one that essentially just keeps them in place. Sliding patio doors, on the other hand, put most of their weight on the lower track that runs across the bottom of the doors. This simple design difference plays a big role in how easy bifold patio doors are to open and how difficult sliding patio doors are to open.  

The lower track on sliding patio doors can corrode over time. 

Take a look at the lower track on an older sliding patio door the next time you see one. There’s a pretty good chance that the inside of it has started to corrode. Sliding patio doors that are exposed to moisture are especially susceptible to corrosion. The corrosion that builds up inside of the lower track on a sliding patio door can make it almost impossible to open and close it easily. And in many cases, the entire lower track will need to be replaced in order to get a sliding patio door working properly again.  

The lower track on sliding patio doors can also get clogged with dirt, dust, sand, and other debris. 

Corrosion isn’t the only thing you’ll need to worry about as far as the lower track on a sliding patio door goes. The lower track can also attract its fair share of dirt, dust, sand, moisture, leaves, and other debris. These things can get stuck in the track and stop you from opening and closing a sliding patio door easily. This simply won’t be a problem with bifold patio doors since their main track is up top. Nothing will be able to build up in the track over time and cause problems.  

Are you tired of struggling to open and close sliding patio doors in Dana Point, CA? Install bifold patio doors instead and put that problem in the past. Call Priority Doors & Windows at (619) 281-2333 for more information on patio doors or stop by 8185 Camino Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92121 to see our bifold patio door selection.