What are Bifold Doors?

We get this question a lot: what are bifold doors and why would they be a good choice for my home?

Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we meet many homeowners from the Laguna Beach and San Diego areas who have never heard of the bifold door. This could be, in part, because they go by a few different names:

  • Bifold doors
  • Bi-folding doors
  • Folding sliding doors
  • Glass sliding doors
  • Sliding room dividers

If none of these names ring a bell, that’s ok. We are happy to explain further.

What is a bifold door?
In simplest terms, a bifold door is a door which slides open as its panels fold in on each other and stack neatly against a wall (like concertina). Usually, these are used to connect an indoor and outdoor space. Examples:

  • A kitchen to a deck
  • An entrance to a garden
  • A living room to a patio
  • A sunroom to a swimming pool deck

Most commonly, these will have between two to six panels which are connected by hinges and attached to roller tracks above or below. One of these panels will be what we call a “traffic door.” This is a main-use door which operates and closes just as any standard door would for easy everyday use.

Why would a homeowner want a bifold door?
Why someone would want a bifold door in their home has a simple answer: a door with a twist and spectacular views. Large glass panels and minimal, slim frames offer nearly unobstructed views of your yard and surrounding scenery.

What are the benefits of a bifold door?
Beyond the views, there are many benefits a bifold door offers a homeowner. Here are just a few:

  • Opening your indoor space to the outdoors. Who doesn’t want to feel more connected to our lovely area?
  • The illusion of more space than you actually have. Windows and natural light always add this to any home; the more glass the bigger the space appears.
  • Great functionality. You can host gatherings, celebrations, and parties with ease.
  • Impressive security. Just ask our professionals about this—our bifold doors are manufactured with fantastic locking systems, seals, and high-quality materials so you aren’t compromising on safety for your family.
  • Energy efficiency. Nowadays, this is just too important for our comfort, utility bills, and the environment.
  • Added value. Should you ever sell your house, a bifold door system from Priority will add significant value, upping your asking price. The return on your investment is unbeatable.

Now that you know a little about bifold doors with Priority Doors & Windows, why don’t you stop by our showroom and check them out for yourself? Our pros can answer any question you may have and show you any other doors or windows you may be in search of. Give us a call today!

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