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Priority Door & Windows is a Fleetwood dealer and our valued partnership with this true American and Green friendly company is a treasured one. We have over twenty Fleetwood window options available and six full size working Fleetwood displays in our showroom including units up to 15 feet wide and 10 feet tall. Fleetwood’s innovative reputation speaks for itself once you see and operate one of their full size displays, their products truly stand out. We encourage you to experience the market’s leading Fleetwood products and meet with one of our factory trained and educated team members to see for yourself why Priority is Southern California’s largest and most knowledgeable Fleetwood dealer.

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SINCE 1961

Since 1961, Fleetwood has been manufacturing modern style windows and doors for luxury homes. Dedication to architectural integrity and meticulous refinement of “the little things” has distinctively positioned Fleetwood. Fleetwood proudly upholds the American dream of success by relying upon God, our country’s ingenuity and work ethic. These core tenets have made the United States of America the greatest country in the world.

Fleetwood’s windows & doors are designed to be the epitome of luxury as well as extremely energy efficient. We are proud of our NFRC and AAMA ratings and certifications. Fleetwood windows or doors are a great feature for use in your next LEED project or any home striving to be energy efficient! In fact, Fleetwood is the “Leeder” in providing LEED certified homes with green friendly windows and doors.

"Making It Better...Not Cheaper"

Examples of proprietary hardware:

  • THE ORIGINAL Archetype (“Mammoth”) 3″ roller (Year 2005)
  • Authentic Swiss Bearings added to the Archetype 3″ roller (Year 2008)
  • Authentic Swiss Bearings added to the Archetype 2″ roller (Year 2008)
  • PATENTED Archetype Locking Hardware
  • Stainless Archetype Lock Catch
  • Stainless Archetype Edge Pull
  • PATENTED Archetype Narrow Locking Hardware
  • Stainless steel butt hinges for casement windows
  • Hinged Screen for casement windows
  • UltraVue” as the standard mesh for all screens and offering “BetterVue” as the alternative.
  • Sub Sillpan
  • Casement / Awning / Hopper screen clip

We appreciate the amount of time it takes to properly research doors and windows. We believe you will discover that Fleetwood offers much more value than any other window and door company. If possible, visit our factory or a dealer showroom. Once you have operated one of our life size doors (the bigger the better!) you will understand our reputation.


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Fleetwood Windows & Doors is continually making efforts to be “Green Friendly” and currently leads the fenestration market with the Greenest multi-slide and sliding pocket doors in the United States. Our aluminum products are manufactured using recycled aluminum and glass and offered in inert coatings and finishes. To further promote global sensitivity, 100% of our aluminum scrap is recycled.


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We believe we are helping support the American dream

Our success by relying upon God and this country’s ingenuity and work ethic, which has made the United States of America the greatest country on the planet. Our focus is to innovate, not imitate. You will discover that we continue to blaze a trail of top quality and innovative designs, like our Patented “Archetype” door latch system (Patent No: US 8,186,189 B2).

We are proud of our longstanding history as a California based window and door manufacturer. In a time when others are making products in foreign countries, Fleetwood remains true to its essential purpose as an American company, employing American workers making quality products.

We offer competitive pricing, excellent service, and professional support.