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Tips for Caring for Black Framed Fiberglass Windows

Having replacement windows installed instantly increases energy efficiency and home value, while also making the exterior and interior or a home look better. Many people purchasing replacement windows in Del Mar, CA are opting for black framed fiberglass windows.

Black framed fiberglass windows have a number of benefits– they are durable, long-lasting, and make a drastic impact on the appearance of the inside and outside of a house. If you have replaced your old windows with black framed fiberglass windows, use these tips to care for them:

Focus on Removing Debris First

Exterior black framed fiberglass windows are constantly exposed to the elements. Depending on the weather and other factors, build-up can occur on the window frame. Before you jump in to cleaning the exterior of your window frames, take the time to remove debris first.

Preparing the window frame for cleaning is simple– just use a soft-bristled brush to remove things like dirt, mud, dust, debris, and cobwebs. After you remove the debris, spray down the window frames with plain water from your hose.

Use a Gentle Cleaner

While black framed fiberglass windows are incredibly durable, it is still in your best interest to use a gentle cleaner on the frame. A mix of warm water and vinegar or warm water and dish soap can be used.

If you’re opting to use a different type of cleaner, always make sure to test it first. Use a small amount of the cleaner to test an area to make sure that the cleaner doesn’t fade the black color or damage the fiberglass.

Opt for a Microfiber Cloth

After applying cleaner to your black framed fiberglass windows, you should always use a soft, microfiber cloth to wipe them down. A microfiber cloth will not damage the fiberglass, nor will it leave behind lint.

While a microfiber cloth may be quite soft, it typically does a great job cleaning black framed fiberglass windows. It is a good idea to have extra microfiber cloths on hand so you can hand dry your window frames after cleaning them.

Stay on Top of Cleaning Your Window Frames

After having your new black framed fiberglass windows installed, you should get into a routine of cleaning your window frames regularly. It is recommended to clean your window frames at leastreplacement windows in   Del Mar, CA twice a year. More frequent cleaning may be necessary at times to keep your windows looking great.

If there is a situation where your window frames become extremely dirty due to a storm or other issue, clean them as soon as possible. It is much easier to take care of heavy debris right away, instead of having to scrub the frames. Cleaning promptly will also help ensure that you don’t damage your black framed fiberglass windows with heavy scrubbing.

When you’re planning on buying replacement windows in Del Mar, CA, black framed fiberglass windows are the way to go. Properly maintaining and caring for your windows will ensure that they last for years and are worth the investment.