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window replacement in La Jolla, CA

How Often Should You Perform Window Replacement in Your Home?

“How long are the windows in my home going to last?” That’s a question that a lot of homeowners ask when they’re thinking about doing window replacement in La Jolla, CA. They don’t want to put in replacement windows sooner than they really have to and spend money on them if it’s not necessary.

Unfortunately, it can be tricky to determine exactly how long your home’s windows will last. Many windows manufacturers recommend that homeowners replace windows every 25 years or so. But there are some windows, especially newer ones, that can last much longer than that. Here are several factors that will affect how long windows in your home will last.

Which materials were used to manufacture the windows

What kind of windows do you have installed in your home right now? That could ultimately determine how long you can go before installing new La Jolla, CA windows in your home. Vinyl windows and some wood windows will usually last for more than 25 years. But there are certain types of wood windows that won’t last quite that long. The materials used to make the parts inside of your windows will also play a part in how long your windows last.

How well the windows have been maintained

Do you go out of your way to clean your windows on a regular basis and make the necessary repairs to them? If you do, that should extend the life of your windows. But if you’ve neglected your windows for the better part of the last 5 or 10 years, that could lead to your windows giving out on you sooner than expected.

The climate that the windows have been exposed to

Those who live in La Jolla, CA experience milder temperatures throughout most of the year. There also isn’t a whole lot of rain during the average year. This is good news for your windows as they won’t be exposed to dramatic changes in temperature or face precipitation day in and day out. But those who live in other parts of the country aren’t quite as lucky. They have to worry about the climate taking a toll on their windows and wearing them out.

The style of the rest of your home

Your windows might actually be in great shape but still be good candidates for window replacement. Reason being, many older windows no longer match the style of the homes that they’re installed in. If your windows clash with the style of your home, you might want to replace them, even if they’re still in good condition. It’ll enhance the appearance of your home both inside and out.

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