4 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Your Home Stand Out!

It would be wise for those looking to sell their home as quickly as possible to make a great impression with potential homeowners—especially those who come to an open house to take an official walk-through. That said, there are a number of ways you can make your home stand out from the others and we—the […]

What are Bifold Doors?

We get this question a lot: what are bifold doors and why would they be a good choice for my home? Here at Priority Door & Window Products, we meet many homeowners from the Laguna Beach and San Diego areas who have never heard of the bifold door. This could be, in part, because they […]

Bifold Doors vs. Patio Doors

There are so many door products out there. This can be as exciting as it is overwhelming. Here at Priority Door & Window Products, we aim to lessen your stress and keep things exciting and practical when the time has come for you to choose a new door for your San Clemente, CA, home. First, […]

A Sliding Door with a Twist

Imagine a sliding glass door. Do you see it in your mind? It probably has two panes of glass; one immobile and the other which slides along a track over the immobile one. Even though you have two panes of glass, you can only pass through one. You probably imagine a set of vertical blinds […]

Out 2018 Home Renovation with Priority Products!

I have been counting down the weeks and days to 2018, and it’s finally here. My husband and I agreed early last year that we would budget, save, and plan a home renovation with products from Priority Door & Window Products for our little house here in Coronado, CA. Admittedly, I have behaved like a […]

Why Your Laguna Beach House Needs Bifold Doors

The concept of bifold doors is appealing to homeowners all over California. Here in Laguna Beach, our team at Priority Door & Window Products wants to bring their aesthetics, energy efficiency, and modernism to your home! Now, we all know bifold doors are beautiful. They become a talking point during gatherings, they replace entire walls […]

Bifold or Sliding Doors – Which is Better for my Home?

When choosing a new feature for your home—like a new patio door—comparison is often the best tool to use. Decisions are hard when you cannot clearly see the “better” option of two or more choices. So, I pose this question to you: which door is better? Is it the bifold door or the sliding door? […]

“Contemporize” Your Home with these Tips from Priority

Contemporary décor has been a popular go-to trend for home design for years and years. There is good reason for this: it is sleek, classic, and relevant no matter what demographic you happen to belong to. But, what makes a good contemporary look in your home? The pros here at Priority Door & Window Products […]

Unique Features for Your Coronado Home

If you are the type to seek interesting, unique features for your home as you transform it over the years, Priority Door & Window Products needs to be your next stop. You see, our team takes special pride in providing the finishing touches your Coronado, CA, home! Windows, doors, new space for new windows and […]

5 Benefits of Bifold Doors

People don’t choose or do anything for themselves unless there is some sort of payoff, some sort of benefit. We choose schools, friends, partners, food… we choose EVERYTHING based on an internal reward system of personal benefit. So, why should choosing doors for your home be any different? Here at Priority Door & Window Products, […]