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Why You Shouldn’t Ever Ignore Window Leaks in Your Home

Have you noticed that some of the windows in your home seem to be leaking and allowing air, moisture, or some combination of both to work their way into your home? You might be tempted to simply ignore the issue, especially if it doesn’t look like it’s causing any major problems. But this is not the approach that you should take. You could very well need to have replacement windows in San Diego, CA installed in your home ASAP. Check out some of the top reasons why you shouldn’t ever ignore window leaks in your home below.

Window leaks can cause water damage in your home.

If moisture is making its way into your home day after day, it’s likely causing water damage somewhere in your home. Your windowsills might be starting to rot or the floors on the inside of your windows might be starting to wither away. Whatever the case, you should not allow moisture to come into your home under any circumstances. Even if you can’t necessarily see the damage it’s doing, there’s a pretty good chance that it’s doing damage somewhere in your house.

They can also take a huge toll on your home’s HVAC system.

As we mentioned a few moments ago, you need to worry about more than just moisture getting into your home when you have window leaks. You also need to worry about air from outside getting inside your house. This air can force your HVAC system to work so much harder than it should have to. It could send your energy bills skyrocketing as a result and lead to your HVAC system breaking down so much sooner than it should.

They can drag down your home’s indoor air quality.

In addition to sending your home’s HVAC system into overdrive, window leaks can have a huge impact on your home’s indoor air quality as well. You might think that the air you’re breathing in every day is clean and free of any contaminants thanks to your HVAC system’s air filter. But if you have unfiltered air leaking into your home, that might not be the case. When moisture leaks into your home, it can also cause mold to grow, which is another thing that can hurt your home’s indoor air quality. You can reduce your chances of ever having to deal with mold by fixing leaky San Diego, CA windows right away.

replacement windows in San Diego, CAThey could even end up having an impact on the value of your home.

If you have windows that leak in your home, what effect do you think that’s going to have on your ability to sell your house sometime down the line? We can tell you this: Buyers are not going to look favorably upon your house when they know that it has window leaks that have popped up all over the place. These window leaks can, in turn, hurt your home’s value and prevent you from getting top dollar for it. By fixing or, better yet, replacing leaky windows, you can bring the value of your home back up in an instant.

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