Why You Want Bi-Fold Doors in Your California Home

Everyone wants a unique look to their home. We all desire something different from the “norm;” something which reflects our one-of-a-kind aesthetic taste and personality. These are tough things to accomplish when mitigating factors such as budget and resources are in play.

So, what kind of features take an ordinary home into the extraordinary category? Features such as custom décor, landscaping done well, massive windows, unorthodox doors such as bi-fold doors… Enter, Priority Doors & Windows!

Here, our team is passionate about changing houses in Laguna Beach, CA, into homes. We do this by listening to our clients, bringing our expertise to the table, and happily collaborating with you—the homeowner—to achieve the look you want!

That said, have you considered bi-fold doors for your space? We love them! Check out these Top 4 Reasons to Add Bi-Fold Doors to Your Home:

  1. Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…
    Bi-fold doors are excellent for maximizing natural light in your home. Who doesn’t want that? When closed—they behave as a wall without blocking the light, and they are completely removable when you don’t want the separation of space. So you end up with well-lit rooms, a privacy option, as well as noise reduction, space division, etc. Clients often feel this one added feature transforms their home.
  2. Looks matter
    Bi-fold doors have become an aesthetic must-have among homeowners in this area. They add such a high-end look! Customers love the simplicity of this sleek feature! Have a garden? The bi-fold door brings that garden view indoors. Do you have an open concept floorplan? The bi-fold door adds dimension without compromising that popular look. Are you sensitive to noise? Bi-fold doors help without closing off your space! Simply put: bi-fold doors through Priority are transformative.
  3. Durability is a must
    There is absolutely no sense in upgrading your home with poorly made products. Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we care too much about our name and rapport with the community to offer anything less than the best on the market. The manufacturers we choose to partner with are top-of-the-line within this industry:
  • LaCantina
  • Fleetwood
  • Milgard
  • Marvin
  • Anderson
  • Jeld Wen
  • And many more…
  1. Space saving is at the forefront
    What’s most unique about bi-fold doors is how they are “here today, gone tomorrow.” In other words, they completely fold away when open. This allows you to maximize the way you choose to use your space in terms of décor, entertaining, hosting, laying out furniture, etc.

Isn’t it time your house felt like home? We think so too! Our team would love to meet you! Give us a call and let’s discuss the additional benefits you can expect when you choose bi-fold doors for your California home with Priority Doors & Windows!

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