A Unique Door System for Your California Views

Are you planning to build or remodel your home in the San Diego, CA, area? If so, you probably have a long list of “musts!” At the top of your list may be a replacement patio door. That said, did you know many homeowners are exchanging their regular sliding and French patio doors for multi-slide doors? That’s right! Keep reading to find out why!

Connect with your outdoor space
Multi-slide doors are unmatched in their ability to connect your indoor space with the outdoors. Top-to-bottom glass showcases your garden, patio, or yard with uninterrupted views all year long. The added natural light makes feel happier while you are indoors! Plus, with glass surface and added sunshine, your space appears and feels bigger, less enclosed.

Add style and uniqueness to your home
Not every home has the multi-slide door as a feature in in it. For that reason, alone, this addition is quite unique! Plus, the smooth look of glass looks great in any home style, be it modern, traditional French, cottage, beachy, contemporary, farmhouse, or colonial.

Save floor space
With panes that slide on a track along the ground, your floor space can be small, oddly shaped, and cluttered with furniture (if you want!). No additional space is needed to open your home to the outdoors.

Easy operability
Multi-slide doors open easily; they do not have knobs or latches which makes going outside, then inside, then outside again (as you will do this summer) that much simpler! They move easily along a track with just a gentle push, so even your kids can get outdoors for playtime with ease!

Energy efficiency benefits
Old sliding glass doors were not nearly as energy efficient as those on the market today. Improved weather stripping, thermal insulation, and multi-pane glass helps to keep the cold out and the comfy temps in! Be sure to choose, at least, double-pane glass. In extreme temperatures—frigid and hot—the multi-panes help to trap air inside the glass which acts as a buffer between you and outside temps. And, as an added bonus, this helps keep out noises like airplanes, trains, noisy children, traffic, emergency vehicle sirens, howling wind, and the neighbor’s loud music. Also, there are glass glazing options that can help protect your flooring and furniture from the sun’s harsh rays so they don’t become faded or discolored over time. Here are some of Brock’s glass options to consider:

  • Bronze tint: cuts down the glare
  • LoE: reflects heat back in the direction of its source
  • Triple glazing: three panes of glass to reduce condensation and thermal transfer
  • Argon gas-filled: replaces the air between panes to prevent heat loss
  • Krypton gas-filled: denser than argon; prevents heat loss.

If you desire expansive, scenic views of your outdoor space, call Priority Doors & Windows. We would love to work with you and create the perfect multi-slide door system for your home!

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