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Tips to Prevent Replacement Windows From Getting Too Dusty

Dust is going to turn into Public Enemy No. 1 when you install replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. If you have a lot of dust landing on your replacement windows all the time, it’s going to take a toll on their appearance. It’s why you should get into the habit of doing whatever it takes to stop your new windows from getting too dusty. There are a few steps that you can take to prevent dust from affecting your replacement windows. Here are some tips on how to stop dust in its tracks when it comes to your new windows.

Dust your windows every few days, if possible.

There is always going to be at least a little bit of dust flying around in the air in your home. This will inevitably lead to some of it landing on your new Del Mar, CA windows. To stop it from hanging out on your windows for too long, you should dust your windows down every few days if you can. By doing this, you’ll prevent dust from building up on your windows and impacting the way in which they look.

Wipe your windows down with window cleaner every week or two.

As long as you dust your windows from time to time, there shouldn’t be too much dust that builds upon them. But even still, you should wipe your windows down with window cleaner at least once every week or two. When you do this, you’ll clean the surface of your windows and make it hard for the dust to land on them. Your replacement windows will sparkle when you make it a point to use window cleaner on them on a regular basis.

Run your vacuum throughout your home once a week.

Dust is coming into your home almost all the time and landing all over the place. But a lot of this dust is going to end up on your home’s floors, and it’ll get kicked back up into the air when you walk on them. To prevent this from happening, you should try to vacuum your home once a week. When you vacuum your floors, it’ll lift a lot of the dust on your floors and eliminate it from your home, thus making it impossible for it to land on your windows later on. Vacuuming your floors will also keep your home’s floors looking and feeling every bit as good as your new windows do.

Clean your home’s HVAC air ducts every few years.replacement windows in Del Mar, CA

Much of the dust that makes its way throughout your home comes directly from the HVAC air ducts in your house when your HVAC system is turned on. This dust lays dormant in your air ducts for long stretches of time before eventually finding its way out into your home where it lands on things like your windows. For this reason, you should attempt to have your home’s HVAC air ducts cleaned once every few years if you can. You’ll notice that your home will be a lot less dusty when you make it your mission to do this.

When you have replacement windows from a Del Mar, CA window replacement company like Priority Doors & Windows installed in your home, you won’t want to let a single speck of dust land on them. They’ll look great and will perform up to your lofty standards. Give us a call to discover what sets our replacement windows apart.