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Tips to Help Prevent Kids From Damaging Replacement Windows

The great thing about installing replacement windows in Oceanside, CA in your home in 2019 is that you won’t have to worry about doing it again for a long time once your installation is done. Today’s windows are so durable that they can last for decades before they’ll need to be replaced. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try to do some damage control to prevent the new windows in your home from getting broken.

Specifically, you should take the proper precautions to protect your windows if you have kids. Kids can accidentally break a window simply by opening or closing it the wrong way if you don’t talk to them about taking care of your home’s new windows. Here are a few tips that’ll help prevent kids from doing irreparable damage to replacement windows.

Tell your kids not to touch the windows under any circumstances.

Unless your kids are on the older side, there is really no reason for them to be touching your Oceanside, CA windows. If they want a window opened or closed, they should come to you and ask you to do it. Instruct your kids not to touch your windows or the window treatments hanging over them. This will prevent your child from accidentally opening or closing a window too quickly and damaging it.

Show your kids how to open and close windows the right way.

In a perfect world, your kids will listen to you when you tell them not to touch your home’s windows. But obviously, there is always a chance that your kids will test your limits by opening or closing windows in your home. If they happen to do it, you want them to know the right way to open and close windows. Walk them through the best ways to do it. If nothing else, it’ll show them how to work your windows in the event of a fire or another emergency situation.

Speak with your kids about not roughhousing near windows or playing with balls in the house.

Do your kids treat the inside of your home like a playground? This could prove to be bad news for your windows. If your kids roughhouse near your windows or play with balls around them, the windows could end up getting broken before long. Therefore, you should tell your kids not to mess around near your home’s windows at all. If you catch them doing it, emphasize how important it is for them to be careful around windows.

Set a good example by cleaning and maintaining your windows.

You can talk to your kids about caring for your home’s windows until you’re blue in the face. But ultimately, they’re going to follow your lead when it comes to caring for windows. If they see that you’re working hard to clean and maintain the windows in your home, they’ll likely fall in line and do the same. By setting a good example for your kids, you can stress just how important it is to practice good window care.

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