The Best Patio Upgrades for Your S. Cali Home

Summer is in full swing here in San Clemente, CA. Everyone is outside as much as possible—from the moment they get off work until the sun is long gone. Myself included. But, with warm weather like this, do you find yourself looking at your outdoor space and scrutinizing it?

I sure do.

I mean, to put it nicely, my patio space is a little sad. The furniture is 10+ years old. My chair cushions are faded from the sun. The small, swing-out patio door is just… well, it’s just beaten up looking! Not to mention, my daughter recently pointed out that our patio door is the “same as Grandma’s patio door.” Yikes. She’s right and I need to fix that…

So, I did a bit of research online. I wanted to find out what not-so-expensive options there are to help me transform my patio space and connect the indoors to the outdoors a bit better. Here’s what I’ve gathered and put on my husband’s Honey Do list:

  1. Give the patio furniture a makeover
    Honestly, it’s past time. Everything is faded, dented, and/or rusted. I’m a sentimental person, though; the idea of tossing the furniture in the dumpster is upsetting. After all, this is the patio furniture my husband bought me for my very first Mother’s Day—didn’t sit well with me. So, I’m embarking on my first-ever DIY project! My daughter and I will be sanding down the rusted furniture, then painting it a fresh color. For my hubs to do: replace the cushions!
  2. Add some lights
    Did you know there are solar stringed lights? Okay, if you did, don’t laugh at me—because, I didn’t know! Of course, I am aware of those ones you stake into the ground, but it never occurred to me that there was an option for solar stringed lights. The patio will be so pretty when the lights are strung around out patio!
  3. Replace the patio door
    This isn’t the CHEAPEST upgrade, but it’s more than necessary. I don’t think our patio door even properly locks anymore, if I’m being completely honest. So, we always have the interior door closed, too—which I hate. What’s the point of having a patio door if a regular door is going to cover it? Doesn’t that just make it a “back door” instead of a patio door? My daughter’s right—our patio door is just like her grandmother’s… What I really want to see replace it is a bifold door system from Priority Doors & Windows—have you seen them? Oh, they’re beautiful. They’re just like they sound: floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall patio door systems that fold neatly and tuck away for convenience. I can’t stop daydreaming about what a difference these would make to our home’s aesthetics and our enjoyment. Closed or open, our family will enjoy the backyard view and all the natural light! Perfect.

I’m giving my husband two weeks to mull over the Honey Do list. He’s been complaining about our patio space, too, so I’m confident we’ll be visiting the experts at Priority Doors & Windows soon! Can’t wait! For more details, you can check San Clemente, CA bifold patio doors.


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