Summer, 2018 Trends and Your California Home

The perfect “finishing touch” is tough to find for your Laguna Beach home. Well, it is if you’re me. See, I never know when to stop (when I get going on a roll with redecorating…), as my husband likes to lovingly remind me. Be that as it may, I do understand a well-done room and all the fine little details that came together to make for a beautiful design. And, I know it all hinges on the exits and entrances within the home: the doors.

Believe me when I say that you can have any piece of artwork, any wall color, and any high-end furniture you want—the functional features in your home are on the “chopping” block in 2018. In other words, your doors (the most practical feature in your home) are getting a LOT of attention in the industry and are now offering up a LOT more personality to add to your space! You don’t want to overlook yours. Check this out!

The entry door
A perfect-for-your-space front door is the finishing touch that can make your home go from good to GREAT. There’s an interior design principal, in fact, that discusses the evolution of the front door from something of utility only, with very few options to a pivotal design feature that can add texture, color, personality, and architectural detail to any interior space.

The bifold door
With wide open floor plans, big outdoor spaces, and an eye for the modern flair, the interior and exterior bifold door is becoming more and more popular. It truly adds an eye-catching element to the home. Further, the amount of interior light you get to enjoy is amplified, whether you choose this option for the inside or the outside. Think about it: replacing one interior wall with a glass-paned bifold door means you get to maintain your space definitions, but dial-up the natural light flowing throughout the home from the exterior windows. And, of course, if you replace your traditional patio door with a wall-length bifold door like we have here at Priority Doors & Windows, you get two to three times the amount of natural light indoors!

The patio door
Nowadays, more and more homeowners are extending their design aesthetic to their outdoor spaces. Any, why not? We live in sunny California; we should enjoy the outdoors as much as we can. But, with a climate like ours, where outdoor activities are encouraged and the outdoor beauty is unmatched, the patio doors homeowners choose for their backyard should do more than simply “look good.” Homeowners need utility as much as they need aesthetics; go for quality. We can help you with that here at Priority.

Take it from me—the doors in your home have a big impact on the overall design. They need to be doing more for you than providing you an exit/entry to your home! For more details, you can check Laguna Beach, CA bifold doors. The doors here at Priority Doors & Windows will give it all to you: utility, design, energy efficiency—everything you’re looking for! Come visit us!


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