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replacement windows in Chula Vista, CA

Reasons to Keep Replacement Windows Locked at Almost All Times

There are a lot of really obvious benefits that come along with having replacement windows in Chula Vista, CA installed. Replacement windows will make your home look better, both inside and out. They’ll also improve your home’s energy efficiency and help you save a small fortune on your energy bills every year. But there is also one underrated benefit of having replacement windows installed. They’ll make your home more secure by making it easy to close and lock your windows. As soon as you have new windows installed in your home, you should get into the habit of keeping them locked at almost all times. Here are the reasons why you should do it.

Ensures no one is able to break into your home through an unlocked window

You can invest in the most secure Chula Vista, CA windows in the world if you want. But if you don’t make it a point to keep them locked all the time, what good are they going to do? Anyone who tries to open an unlocked window will be able to do it without any issues. In fact, new windows will actually be easier to open than old ones when they’re not locked. It’s why you need to make sure you lock your windows whenever you’re not leaving your windows open to let some fresh air come into your home.

Prevents your home security system from going off accidentally

If you have a home security system set up in your house, you likely have sensors on your windows that will send your system springing into action if they detect any movement. Those sensors could cause your system to go off inadvertently if your windows are ever left unlocked and move around as a result of it. Some windows might move just a little during a bad storm when the wind is blowing hard in their direction. You can keep your windows steady by locking them right after closing them.

replacement windows in Chula Vista, CAStops your kids from opening your windows on their own

Keeping your home’s windows locked will beef up your home security in a number of ways. But it’ll also go a step further than that. By locking your windows all the time, you could help to keep your kids safe when they’re inside your house. You won’t have to be worried about them opening up your windows and playing around near open windows when you’re not looking when you keep your windows locked. You should still talk to your kids about staying safe near your windows anyway, but you should also follow up that talk by putting an emphasis on keeping your home’s windows locked at all times.

Makes sure your windows stay sealed shut and stop air from leaking in and out

As we touched on earlier, one of the biggest benefits of installing replacement windows in your home will be the energy efficiency that comes with it. You won’t have air leaking in and out of your home through your windows when you have them installed. But you might have air leaking in and out under your windows if you don’t lock them tight when you close them. Locking your windows will ensure that your windows are sealed shut after you close them.

Before you begin worrying about locking replacement windows in your home, you need to pick out new windows to install. Priority Doors & Windows has a large selection of windows and can set you up with Chula Vista, CA window installers you can trust. Reach out to us to start shopping for new windows for your home.