Mulitple Uses for Multi-Slide Doors

If you are anything like me, you want to be sure the big-ticket items you pay for (anything from clothing to household items, to furniture) are multi-use. There’s something that really grinds my gears about spending money on a one-time use item. The more uses something has, the better. I just really feel like I’m getting my money’s worth that way, you know?

When I decided to do some upgrading around my home, I approached everything with this mindset: when will I use this? Will anyone else in the home benefit from this? Will I tire of it in a few years? You see, I just can NOT pay for home renovations if I don’t get my money’s worth.

A few months ago, I started researching online about windows and doors. Mine have been outdated for quite some time. I looked at all sorts of styles and price-points, materials, and sizes… And, all I kept thinking was—do I ever open my windows?

No, I don’t. Either the air conditioning is on or the heat is one. Even here in San Diego, CA, I rarely have my windows open. So, upgrading those can wait. But, out back where my patio is, I have been wishing for a door that would stay open when I wanted it open.

I came across multi-slide doors at Priority Doors & Windows in my online search. To make a long story short—I had a multi-slide door system installed only a few weeks later. You see, they are perfect for me and my need for getting my money’s worth from multi-uses. Check out all the different ways I can make use of them!

  • Parties: I’m not a huge entertainer, but I do have the occasional ladies evening with wine and appetizers and catching-up. Gatherings on the patio with my ladies and talking until all hours of the night sounds PERFECT on my patio with the multi-slides open!
  • Holiday gatherings: I usually decline to host my family Christmas gatherings, because my space feels But, now that nearly an entire wall is floor-to-ceiling glass, I’m hosting this year! It looks so spacious!
  • Easy access to the yard and the kids: Before Priority Doors & Windows installed my multi-slide door system, I could barely see a fraction of the backyard. This has always made me nervous when the kids are outside playing on the swing set. Now, I can see And, when it’s nice out (most of the California year), I can pull back the multi-slide doors and hear them at play, too.
  • Watch the sunset: I realize how corny this sounds—but it’s true. The sun sets in the back of my home and, before this renovation with Priority, I could only see it if I stood at the small window, went outside, or walked upstairs the master bedroom. Now, I can be cooking in the kitchen or relaxing in the living room and watch the beauty.

Take it from me, multi-slide doors with Priority Doors & Windows is worth every penny. Between the warranty and the many uses—I’m a happy, frugal camper. Give them a call!

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