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replacement windows in Del Mar, CA

Learning About the Most Common Types of Replacement Windows

Have you decided that you’re going to have some or all of the windows in your home replaced? If you have, you’re quickly going to realize that there are lots of different types of replacement windows in Del Mar, CA. Single-hung and double-hung windows are two of the most common types of replacement windows on the market today. These are the standard windows that you’ll find in most homes. But there are also other types of windows you can (and should!) consider. Learn about a few of the most common types of replacement windows below.

Sliding windows

The single-hung and double-hung windows that we mentioned a moment ago slide up and down when you open and close them. Sliding windows, on the other hand, slide to the left and right when you open and close them. This is great because it makes them so easy to operate. It also makes them safer than a lot of the other types of Del Mar, CA windows that are available. You won’t have to worry too much about pinching a finger in them. Plus, on top of all that, sliding windows are also some of the most cost-effective windows around. They’re worth considering if you don’t have any installed in your home already.

Picture windows

If you live in a home that offers fantastic views of everything that surrounds it, why aren’t you taking full advantage of it? That’s exactly what you’ll be able to do when you think about installing picture windows in your home. Although it wouldn’t make a ton of sense to put too many picture windows into your home, they’re a great option for living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms in some cases. They’re very large and are usually fixed windows that won’t open and close at all. But they offer some of the best views ever. You’ll love having one sitting somewhere in the center of your home where you can sit and look at everything surrounding it.

Bay windows

Just like picture windows, bay windows tend to be on the bigger side. But unlike picture windows, bay windows jut out from the interior of a home so that they don’t take up much space in a room. In fact, they’ll actually add to the usable space in a home when they’re installed properly, which can make a room that’s on the smaller side seem so much bigger. Bay windows are also designed to have a series of window panels that work together to bring a wealth of natural light into a home. They’re such a great option for anyone looking for very large windows for their house.

replacement windows in La Jolla, CAAwning windows

Do you hate the feeling that you get when you see it raining outside and realize that you forgot to shut the windows in your house? You won’t have to worry too much about this happening anymore when you have awning windows. Awning windows open up from the bottom so that the window openings in your home have what amounts to an “awning” over top of them. It prevents rainwater from getting into your home during a storm, even when they’re left wide open. Many people will pair awning windows with picture windows to provide ventilation in a room that wouldn’t get fresh air otherwise.

Would you like to install any of these types of replacement windows in your home? Or would you like to hear about some of the other types that you can pick when you do Del Mar, CA window replacement? Priority Door & Window Products can tell you all about them. Contact us now to gather more information on the different window types.