Why Your Laguna Beach House Needs Bifold Doors

The concept of bifold doors is appealing to homeowners all over California. Here in Laguna Beach, our team at Priority Doors & Windows wants to bring their aesthetics, energy efficiency, and modernism to your home!

Now, we all know bifold doors are beautiful. They become a talking point during gatherings, they replace entire walls with views of your backyard and the gorgeous scenery around you, and they raise the overall vibe in your home to one of serenity.

But, to be frank—nevermind all of that for the time being! There are very real, practical uses for bifold doors! Check these out:

What is a bifold door?
Bifold doors are doors which slide and fold open. They are made from a series of panels which, when opened, fold up against the wall, or into it, like a concertina. They can pull open from one end to the other or from the center in both directions. They can be installed for inside or outside your Laguna Beach home as an entry to your garden, as a patio door, and even as a room divider.

Entertaining: raising the bar
One of the joys of adulting is hosting. There really is nothing like entertaining on your back patio just outside your bifold doors from Priority Doors & Windows. Now, there is nothing wrong with regular patio doors—ones that swing or slide open to your outdoor space—but more and more homeowners are embracing a new way to approach the marrying of their indoor and outdoor spaces. Why keep them separate? Why not join them together with more light, more awe, and more added value?

Advantages of bifold doors
If you’ve seen bifold doors before, you know they are breathtaking. But there are more reasons to choose this addition to your home than simple aesthetics! Bifold doors are:

  • A perfect way to bring the outside, inside: the #1 reason people love these doors is that they break down the barrier between the outdoor/indoors spaces with a wall-to-wall glass surface. Essentially, your living room can and will extend to your patio!
  • An instant home improvement: no other upgrade will raise the value of your home quite like bifold doors.
  • Versatile: depending on the configuration you choose through Priority, you can slide them in the direction you want them to go, split them open in the middle, and/or open just a portion or all the way for the right balance of indoor-outdoor enjoyment.
  • A light maximizer. We’re talking floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall glass surface so you can maximize the natural light in your home.
  • Thermally insulating. That’s right—you do not have to compromise your electricity bill for bifold doors. You can enjoy the warm summers and frigid winters comfortably and consistently!

Now you can see why bifold door with Priority Doors & Windows are so appealing to the residents of Laguna Beach! Isn’t it time you added them to your home? Give our professionals a call!

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