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Knowing When It’s Time to Replace Old Vinyl Windows in Your Home

Vinyl windows have turned into one of the top window choices for many homeowners because of how long they last. You can usually get anywhere from about 20 years to over 40 years of life out of vinyl windows. But despite being one of the most durable window options on the market today, even vinyl windows will need to be replaced with replacement windows in San Diego, CA at some point in time. Check out some of the ways in which you’ll know it’s time to replace vinyl windows with new ones below.

Your vinyl windows are difficult to open and close.

Are you having a hard time opening and closing your home’s San Diego, CA vinyl windows at the moment? This is one of the first signs that it’s time to replace your old windows with new ones. You might be able to get away with keeping them around for a little longer, especially if they look like they’re still in good condition. But generally speaking, you shouldn’t try to keep vinyl windows for too much longer if you can’t open and close them with ease anymore. It’s going to prevent you from using them to their full potential.

They’re hurting your home’s energy efficiency.

As vinyl windows get older, they’ll do more than just become harder and harder to operate. They’ll also stop preventing air from leaking in and out of your home like they used to. This will, in turn, take a toll on your home’s energy efficiency before long. If your energy bills have started to go up in recent months and you suspect that your old windows might be to blame for it, you should look into having new windows installed. New windows could make your home energy efficient again in no time.

replacement windows in San Diego, CAThey don’t look as nice as they used to.

Vinyl windows don’t always show signs of wear and tear like some other types of windows do. They won’t fall apart quite like wood windows do overtime or start rusting like steel windows sometimes will. But you will eventually notice that they don’t look as new and shiny as they once did, and no amount of cleaning will bring them back to life. When they hit this point, it’ll be time for you to start considering putting new windows into place.

They’re well beyond their expected expiration date.

As we mentioned earlier, you can get anywhere from 20 to 40 years of life out of vinyl windows in most cases. If they last you longer than that, you should consider it a bonus. But you should also start to consider replacing your windows since vinyl windows are designed to last forever. If nothing else, you should begin shopping around for new windows so that you know what you want to put into your home next.

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