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replacement windows in San Diego, CA

How to Protect Replacement Windows Following Installation

Did you just invest in replacement windows in San Diego, CA for your home? If so, they should last you for a long time. As long as they were installed by a reputable window company, you will likely get at least 20 to 30 years of life out of them, if not more.

One thing you’ll want to do to get as much life as you can out of your new windows is to take steps to protect them. It’s easy enough to give your windows the protection they need. Here are several steps that you should take right away to prevent any damage from being done to your windows.

Hang up window treatments over your new windows.

If you’re not planning on hanging window treatments over your new San Diego, CA windows, you should reconsider your decision. Whether you decide to go with shutters, shades, blinds, curtains, or something else, window treatments can work to protect your new windows. They’ll keep dirt, dust, and other debris from gathering on them, and they’ll also prevent people, pets, and things from bumping into your windows. Additionally, they’ll enhance the appearance of your windows and keep them looking their best.

Keep your kids and pets away from your new windows.

Do you have kids and pets constantly running around inside your home? Talk to your kids about just how important it is to be careful when they’re near your windows. Encourage them not to throw things around in the house and tell them they need to ask you before opening or closing windows. Do what you can to steer your pets away from your windows, too. The claws on dogs and cats can wreak havoc on windows and scratch them up if you don’t keep them away.

Avoid putting anything that might tip over in front of your new windows.

Generally speaking, you should avoid putting anything in front of new windows since it’ll make it difficult for you to access them. But you should be especially wary about putting something that could tip over in front of a window. For example, some people will position coat racks near windows without thinking about the potential consequences. A coat rack could very well tip and fall into a window and cause damage to it.

Care for your new windows properly from now on.

You may have stopped caring for your home’s old windows out of frustration. But now that you have new windows, it’s essential for you to take good care of them. That means wiping down your window sills and the tracks of your windows and cleaning the window glass as well. The good news is that most new windows don’t require much maintenance. But you should still plan on cleaning windows about once every week or two to keep them shining and fully functional.

Before you can start protecting your new windows, you’ll need to have a high-quality San Diego, CA window replacement done in your home. Priority Doors & Windows can replace your current windows with new ones that’ll look so much better. Call us at (619) 281-2333 to start window shopping or visit us at 8185 Camino Santa Fe, San Diego, CA 92121 to see our window selection.