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replacement windows in Chula Vista, CA

How to Keep Your Home’s Replacement Windows as Clean as Possible

It can be a real struggle trying to keep an entire house clean. From vacuuming your carpets to scrubbing your bathrooms from top to bottom, there is just so much to do inside a home when cleaning it. It’s why windows sometimes get overlooked in the grand scheme of things. If you’re going to invest in replacement windows in Chula Vista, CA, though, you shouldn’t allow for them to get dirty once they’re installed. Check out some of the ways you can keep your new windows as clean as possible below.

Use a microfiber cloth to remove dust from your windows every now and then.

The great thing about installing new Chula Vista, CA windows is that they won’t require as much attention as your old windows. You can make them shine simply by running a microfiber cloth over them to remove dust. Get into the habit of trying to do this once every week or so. Even if your windows look clean, wiping them down with a microfiber cloth can prevent dust from building up on them over time.

Wash the glass in your windows on cloudy days.

In addition to wiping the frames of your windows to stop dust from setting up shop on them, you’ll also need to give some TLC to your window glass. You can do this by purchasing a basic glass cleaner and using a cloth or paper towel to clean your glass. But you should avoid doing this on sunny days so that you don’t cause streaks to form on your glass. You should also look to make sure you don’t leave any residue behind on window glass.

Hang window treatments over your windows shortly after installing them.

If you’re thinking about not hanging window treatments up over your windows, you should think again if you want to keep your windows clean. Window treatments will stop at least some dirt and dust from making an impact on your windows when you have them hanging over your windows. You will, of course, then need to work to clean your window treatments. But that should prove to be a lot easier than scrubbing your windows down.

Keep kids and pets away from your windows at all times.

If you have kids and pets living in your home with you, it’s important to keep them away from your windows at all costs. They can potentially do damage to your windows if they spend too much time around them. They can also make your windows dirtier than they should be by putting their hands and paws all over them. Do your best to prevent kids and pets from coming into contact with your windows on a regular basis.

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