How to Hire the Right Contractor

Finding the right contractor for your home project is key to ensuring a seamless experience. Actually, choosing the right company is just as important as selecting the right features for your home. Keep reading for a few helpful tips from the experts at Priority Doors & Windows so you choose wisely!

Research options ahead of time
The best starting place is to decide, in advance, which doors and/or windows would be fitting for your home. Not everyone’s home style is the same, nor is every home structure the same. So, what could look wonderful in your neighbor’s home could look disjointed and unfitting in yours. For example, let’s say your goal is to open your home to the outdoors as much as possible. Choosing a small back patio door with beautiful French details and small sidelite windows is probably not the best option—no matter how stunning it looks next door. If your goal is a connected indoor/outdoor space, you may want to consider bi-fold door options here at Priority Doors & Windows. With this addition, you gain maximized natural light, wider views of the backyard/scenery, and an improved entertainment space!

Get at least two quotes/bids
It’s never a good idea to begin a home project without making at least a couple comparisons. Select two or three reputable installation companies to research and request detailed quotes. The bids you receive should include so much more than just prices. In fact, the only bids you should consider are ones which include:

  • Prices (obviously)
  • Materials and products to be used by the contractor
  • Materials and labor included and not included
  • Specific start and end dates
  • Payment terms (you should never have to pay in full before the project commences)

Remember: the more detailed the bids, the better. This protects you and the contractor from discrepancies and/or disputes upon project completion.

Read contract thoroughly
This is just a good rule, no matter what the size project. You want to understand the applicable warranties offered, as well as the coverage for your home while workers are present. Be sure you hire a company that warranties their installation workmanship as well as the product(s).

Verify references
Learn about the company and the products they offer—you should be familiar with the manufacturers’ reputation as well as the installer’s. You can specifically ask for recent and historical references directly from the companies you’re considering. And, they should happily oblige. Further, jump online and check out each installation company’s website and reviews; these are always telling. A good installation company will willingly provide pictures of recent projects similar to yours. Oh, and steer clear of companies that have been in business for less than five years. This doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t qualified, but this is your home—why risk it? You definitely want a long-standing company name behind your home project.

Choose wisely! If you live here in Laguna Beach, CA, give the professionals at Priority Doors & Windows a call!

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