A Good Vibe at Home Starts with Folding Glass Doors

Your home is your safe place, your happy place. It should be indicative of your personality and design perspective, wouldn’t you say? I think we can all agree that we are happier to return home from work at the end of a long day when the vibe is just right.

So, how does one attain a good vibe at home? Of course, there are the usual ways: complementary colors on the walls, décor in-line with Feng Shui principles, comfortable and attractive furniture, decluttered space. But there is one feature that is a sure-fire way to create a perfectly lovely and relaxing vibe in any home: added natural light with large folding glass doors!

Have you seen these? You probably have, even if you aren’t entirely sure. They look like walls of glass that are usually on the main floor—but they’re movable (foldable) doors. Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we have added this gorgeous feature to countless homes all across Coronado and the San Diego area.

What’s so great about added natural light and folding glass doors with Priority?
Good question. Although, I would frame this question a bit differently: what’s not so great about them? With continuous folding glass doors (imagine them across your great wall in a large space, for example), you get the chance to experience a new level of clarity and openness. Even a small home feels larger and less limiting with glass folding doors in place of traditional walls or French doors (with all their cumbersome and light-blocking framing). Let’s reveal what added light can do for you and your family a bit further:

  • Mood: lighting directly affects our moods throughout the day, did you know that? In fact, natural light cascading through windows and large folding glass doors has a calming effect on people of all ages. In contrast, lack of light or too much artificial light can trigger depression in those prone to it. Serotonin (a chemical produced to regulate mood) is produced as a response to natural light!
  • Productivity: Concentration and efficiency have been measured in countless studies. What have we learned? Sun exposure and brightly lit spaces help students concentrate and motivates employees to work harder!
  • Improved sleep cycles: Our built-in biological process is on a 24-hour cycle, driven by exposure to daylight. If we don’t experience exposure to brighter, natural light throughout the day, our bodies are less likely to shut down as darkness approaches as completely as they should.

The fact is, we need natural light in our lives to be normalized, healthy, and happy. In other words, maximizing the natural light with our folding glass doors is an excellent way to bring good vibes into your space and life! Here at Priority Doors & Windows, our team would be honored to improve your home’s vibe with you—so give us a call and let’s get started!

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