Doors to Enhance Your Space

Everything we read about when it comes to amplifying the interior aesthetics of the home has to do with the usual:

  • Artwork
  • DIY furniture
  • Repurposing old items
  • Decluttering and minimalizing décor

But, what about fresh spins in the home that have to do with making a BOLD statement? Here at Priority Doors & Windows, we’re all about bold moves and modern twists on classic home features. Don’t misunderstand—we love working on projects of all kinds, but if I’m being completely honest, my favorite is transforming a Coronado, CA homeowner’s home from drab to fab with one of our amazing, modern door systems!

Let’s go over two of my favorites, shall we?

  1. Folding glass doors
    Folding door systems are becoming one of the most sought-after door systems here in California. From function to Feng Shui, this door has it all. One of the many reasons this door option is among my top two favorite options is because it’s sleek and unique. I am partial to a Mid-Century Modern look, and there’s just something about this style that screams “Mid-Mod!” in a delightfully subtle way. Check out these benefits:

    • Innovative designs
    • Ability to accommodate any home design and space requirements
    • Can handle multiple configurations
    • Performance glass
    • Sills that fit any application and design
    • Increased home value
    • A great eye-catcher for potential buyers that sets you apart in the market
    • Panels without excess mulligans (LaCantina manufacturer)
  2. Multi-slide doors
    This door system is a well-crafted, highly engineered sliding door system. It is made up of multiple panels to create a wall of natural light and entry/exit space, as needed. The number of panels used varies based on your preferences and sight-line wishes. For easy “storage,” the panels (when opened) stack and can be pocketed to one or both sides of the opening. Here at Priority, we offer the best of the best in this door system. For example, one of our popular manufacturers, LaCantina, is a high-end door and window manufacturer known for performance, strength, and symmetry. Benefits of this option:

    • Increased home value
    • Added natural light
    • A modern twist on a classic style
    • Minimal, clean design for easy stacking
    • Comprehensive range to accommodate any home design
    • Energy efficiency
    • A great eye-catcher for potential buyers that sets you apart in the market

Priority Doors & Windows is one of Southern Cali’s largest and most forward-thinking distributors with nearly 40 years of experience. Our goal is to provide the best service possible to homeowners, contractors, architects, and designers.

Here at Priority Doors & Windows, our expert team wants to help you to create your indoor-outdoor dream spaces. For more details, you can check folding glass doors Coronado, CA. We are 100% confident you that our products will enhance your home, no matter what architectural style you have. Call us today!


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